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    What tennis racquet brand do you prefer?

    HEAD by a country mile. QC may not be the best, but PT57s + TGKs, and amongst stock frames, the incredibly awesome Liquidmetal Radical that they thankfully haven't discontinued, all combine to make them my favorite brand. Cheers, Greek Goliath
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    Sale Racquet Recommendation

    Don't get me wrong, I love my PT57Es. I'm just wondering what the best racquet for under $100 is, so I can buy it and try it out, maybe pull it out of the bag from time to time. Cheers, Greek Goliath
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    Sale Racquet Recommendation

    K Pro Tour is only in 4 5/8, I think; I use a 4 3/8 or a 4 1/2. Thanks though. Didn't even notice the MG Rad was on sale, thanks for pointing that out film1. Cheers, Greek Goliath
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    What's not to like about Vantage frames?

    Vantage frames are really nice sticks, but I like feeding my racquet collection instead :twisted: Cheers, Greek Goliath
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    Lm radical mp+os, why are they still here?

    Don't question it, be grateful! :) They're great deals. Cheers, Greek Goliath
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    Sale Racquet Recommendation

    Not really looking for something to replace my current set-up, per-se, just looking for a nice deal :( You're supposed to encourage my racquet buying habit xD Cheers Greek Goliath
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    Sale Racquet Recommendation

    Hi all, My friend is really getting into tennis, and he wants to upgrade to a better racquet than his current Walmart recommendation. However, he likes my Microgel Extreme Pro, so he's willing to trade me $100 for it. I was thinking of spending it on a sale racquet. It's been a while since I've...
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    Review: HEAD Liquidmetal Radical Midplus- CAP Grommets

    Sorry about not responding to this thread; I was on vacation for a couple of weeks. My Radicals were almost exactly on spec (for once). The weight was a little light, by two or three grams I think, and it was .25pts more HL. Hope this helps. Cheers, Greek Goliath
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    net clearance

    Cm, I presume? Cheers, Greek Goliath
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    Magic of Gut/Lux

    And another one is snared! Oh why powers that be are you so cruel?? It's consumers like us that those big companies prey on! Cheers, Greek Goliath
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    James Blake has THREE racquets left!

    Interesting thought. So James's frames are older graphites? The Hotmelts? Cheers, Greek Goliath
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    Racquet "Feel"

    I think the surface speed, whether it has cracks, e.g., and bounce affect feel, but not by as much as strings, tension, etc. You should get used to the outdoors soon. Cheers, Greek Goliath
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    Cothing Sponsorship

    I just got sponsored by FILA for 40% off all my purchases- have the Spring Collezione collection, as well as some Alfa IIs. Cheers, Greek Goliath
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    Review: HEAD Liquidmetal Radical Midplus- CAP Grommets

    Hope that helps, Cheers, Greek Goliath
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    Review: HEAD Liquidmetal Radical Midplus- CAP Grommets

    Hi all. I know that the Liquidmetal Radical is an old frame. However, as it is still available, and cheap as well, I thought I would do a review of the setup that I had. I removed the stock pallet, replaced it with a TK82S (more boxy, Wilson-shaped) pallet, put a touch of lead at 3&9, used the...