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    Need advice for new Racket

    Totally agree. There are lovers and haters. And this applies to all racquets that I know/heard of in this forum and in my tennis circle. I just want to prepare OP for the real world out there. This is how I started and look what it has done to me. I'm a hopeless racquetholic now with no end...
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    Is the volleyball serve legal in tennis?

    "Immediately before starting the service motion, the server shall stand at rest with both feet behind (i.e. further from the net than) the baseline" Ferrer was at rest before he started the service motion. He only moved after that.
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    Need advice for new Racket

    And others hating it :)
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    Tips for Lockout style machine

    Also, if you are not doing it already, crank as slow as you can.
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    Need advice for new Racket

    Go ahead and try them. The racquets that you have listed are all good ones plus a lot of others out there. Enjoy the ride :)
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    Need advice for new Racket

    If you still like your Aero Pro 2013 the later versions I believe have been improved in terms of feel and stability. Then just hunt around for a string and tension you like.
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    Scratch or crack?

    Looks like a scratch to me.
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    Wise 2086 Series 14 Gripper Cleaning Maintenance

    Either of the two grippers should work on your machine. One comes with a diabolo and lever switch, the other has the red (push-button) switch but no diabolo. I have both switches but prefer the lever. I correspond with Dan via email.
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    Best Strings for Volkl C10 Pro

    Not sure if I was just imagining things but I feel like I get better spin on Gosen OG Sheep Micro than on a poly/syngut hybrid.
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    Best Strings for Volkl C10 Pro

    I'm enjoying Gosen OG Sheep Micro 17 full bed at 57 lbs on my C10. I'm not missing my previous poly/syngut hybrid set up at all. I also have Prince SG Duraflex in my other C10 and it's still good.
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    Multi or Multi feeling string that doesn't fray? Or a Poly that feels like multi?

    From my experience multi's always fray. It's the nature of the string's construction - multifilaments. SynGut should be nearest to multi in terms of feel without going poly and it doesn't fray as it's a monofilament.
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    Gravity Pro and lead - how do you use it?

    I have both the GPro and VCP HD. Easier power generation in GPro and higher launch angle. It's both an advantage and disadvantage. Same with VCP HD. Lower power and launch angle can either be bad or good. One just needs to commit to one to make it work.
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    Volkl C10 Pro - Get's No Respect?

    Been a long-time low-tension (mid 40s) poly/syngut hybrid user. Just switched to full syngut Gosen OGSM 17 @ 57lbs recently (2/3 months ago). Elbow is so much happier. Long lingering elbow soreness/pain almost gone. Comfort is excellent. Control and spins all still there. Only con is...
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    Völkl C10 Pro Club!

    Yep 17 it is :) I'll try 16 next time.