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    Best racquet to never win a grand slam?

    I sometimes wonder if Paul Angell was abducted by the aliens who were originally responsible for the Secrets. The TC95 63RA is the more controlled evolved Secret 04, the feel is different but the end result is similar, with the added bonus of less balls hitting the back fence on the full and...
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    Best racquet to never win a grand slam?

    Yeah the FPK is definitely a lot softer than the U2, I don't think the transition to it was that successful. I believe she retired not long after making the switch, not blaming the racquet for her retirement though, I'm sure there were a few other factors as well. Never seen the FPK 85 in the...
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    The Official Angell Users Club

    That was really brilliant advice from Paul. Being able to easily access that level of expertise which in the past has only really been available to professional athletes, takes Angell well above the level of other racquet companies.
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    Best racquet to never win a grand slam?

    Hana definitely used the Ultra 2 Midsize, Wilson even made her an Ultra FPK 85 when I guess she didn't like the 95 and she couldn't get any more Chicago Ultra 2's.
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    Better cross than alu power in a gut hybrid?

    Hey @blai212 do you pre-stretch SPPP before you string it in the crosses?
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    Prince Phantom Pro 93P (14x18)

    I think @graycrait has already taken one for the team and found out they don't fit
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    Racquet suggestions, old and new

    See if you can pick up a reasonably priced Prince Graphite Pro Series 90, have a bit of a play around with strings and tensions (low tension poly can be very interesting in the old 14x18 Princes). When you've found a set up that works for you, go out there and find your groove with your ground...
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    The Full Bed Natural Gut (club?)

    And he had about 3 kilos of lead stuck to his racquets.
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    Max 200 g diet for better performances

    Totally agree @teachingprotx, when I have more than one of the same racquet there is always one that feels the best. Well done on your quest, you are the racquet customising Jedi Master
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    I'm interested in a Phantom 93P, Volkl PB10 mids have me intrigued as well, I like old classics from Puma, Kneissl & Fischer, older Prestiges and strings are always needed. I'm pretty sorted for Gut at the moment, I use a bit of Head Velocity and I am out of poly at the moment to experiment...
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    Max 200 g diet for better performances

    Thanks for the update, it's looking good, so the injection moulded Graphite/Nylon mix is much harder to sand down than a Graphite resin frame. I always found hard courts to work quite well, I remember grinding one Max 200G right down to the hollow in the middle, the racquet still played...
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    Hey @Dgpsx7, I've got 4 x 4 1/2 and 2 x 4 3/8, do you have anything you want to trade or are you just looking to buy?
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    Max 200 g diet for better performances

    Love your work @teachingprotx, would really like to see some in progress as well as finished pics if you are able. Was is difficult to remove plastic above grip? Might just pop off with a screwdriver I imagine. Are you planning an interesting finish to the frame or just leave it nude?
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    DuPont nylon racket ?

    Hey @teachingprotx, have you considered (or perhaps done & I've missed the thread) your length reduction and weight loss regime to the original Max 200G?
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    2019 Miami Final: Federer [4] vs Isner [7]

    Yes he could, however Kyrgios would then go on to beat Djokovic, Federer and Nadal to win his first of 9 US Open titles.