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    ***Babolat and Head frames***

    No trades please. Looking the clean out.:) All grips are 4 3/8 Pure Drive Roddick(newer black/blue model) One light scratch @ 3 o'clock. Light scuffs on head guard. 8.5/10 $100 shipped Pure Storm Ltd. GT- 8/10 Just some light scratches and scuff on head guard. $95 shipped Aeropro...
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    The "anchored putter" and pro tennis

    Yup. Otherwise Tsonga n Nadal rule supreme. :)
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    T Fight 315?

    I decided to pass. I loved the feel but had way better results with a pst, which I hate the feel of. Go figure...
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    T Fight 315?

    Okay. I think I may try to tweak the balance a bit. If I order it I'll just request the lightest frame they have.
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    T Fight 315?

    I demoed the 16x19 last night. I loved the feel of the frame, but it felt really HH. I checked the weight and balance afterward, 4.5 points HL and 11.9oz. Do I just ask TW for the most HL one they have? If I do order one that is.
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    Nadal's level of play unexpectedly high at 27

    Probably should have been posting on the beer thread in "odds and ends" tonight. Just having some fun though. Nice to see Nadal playing well. I love the fight he has though.
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    Nadal's level of play unexpectedly high at 27

    Nadal counters you with a roundhouse from his AO trophy, backhands with a SW19, and finishes with a USO to the grill. cant feel your legs. Game. Set. Match. jk:)
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    Gulbis will be in the Top 5 in one year

    So is he really done playing now?
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    All time Favorite Band

    Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
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    Newly (damaged) Babolat APD 2013 & Trap Door Picture

    TW requires you to state chips and scratches to racquets you post in the for sale section. And they pay less money if there are paint chips on frames you sell back to them. So I think it's important to most.
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    Bonjour from Babolat

    I know the Aerostorm is discontinued, but is something taking it's place? Sorry if this was asked already.
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    Ernests Gulbis Rome 2010...his best display of his talent to date

    His forehand technique looks to have changed for the worse. He did make it to around 20 in the world, and probably could have gotten into the top 10 if the commitment was there. But his game has taken a few steps back, and he probably couldn't care less either way. When he is on though, you...
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    RFE: Marat Safin, a Devout Public Figure, Greater than Sampras and Federer combined

    Somebody forgot to tell him the truckload of virgins were supposed to come in the afterlife.:mrgreen:
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    Wilson Hits Homerun with Wilson Steam 99S (mini review)

    Definitely one of them for sure... :???:
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    TW Review: Babolat AeroPro Drive 2013 racquets

    Just ordered mine. Thanks:)