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    Nike Air Tech Challenge - 2020 Agassi

    The other color is Black Lava---mostly black with that pink-colored Lava swoosh. The construction is like the original Air Tech Challenge II. Do a search for an image and you'll find it.
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    Hilarious how deeply Chris downplays her abilities

    My favorite Evert stat is her 125 claycourt match wins in a row, the longest single-surface winning streak in the Open Era, male or female. (She lost just 8 sets back then.)
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    Dumbest “racquet technology”

    Remember years ago when Head put an Intelli-chip in their new racquet, allowing the stick to become either less or more stiff upon impact with the ball? (They even tried this in their snow skis.) The chip probably had a bug or a virus in it, because the racquet was laughed off the market within...
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    Why didn't Ivanesivic have more success than one semi at the US Open?

    "I still break racquets, but now I do it in a positive way." Goran, later in his career.
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    Pro quality hitting is magical

    I've hit with 3 former pros---what struck me most was their nearly perfect body mechanics (stroke production), and their great footwork. The way they produced heavy topspin with heat and placed the ball on a dime everytime almost made me quit the game. But I didn't.
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    Any new Prince bags coming in 2020?

    Hey, Brit! How about it? Especially 6-pack bags. Thanks.
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    Which FC machine works best with Wise 2086 tensioner

    As usual, thank you, Irv. You're the best.
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    Which FC machine works best with Wise 2086 tensioner

    Anyone know if a Gamma 5003 (6 point) would hook up with a Wise easily? Would it need an adapter? 360 rotation later on? Thanks in advance.
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    Borg, Laver, etc. at Hilton Head

    I have a '76 (or '77) Hilton Head match---Laver/Borg vs. Ashe/Nastase. Laver clearly had the best groundstrokes that day. Nastase regularly flipped out on line calls while Ashe calmly watched nearby. After they lost, Ashe said something like, "Well, I guess we're not well-suited as doubles...
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    Wrist pain due to firmer replacement grip?

    Good luck with the Shock Shield. (I didn't like it---too thick.) Like I said, try a thin cushiongrip. You may like its shock absorption, and so will your wrist. Hey, even Sampras went from a leather/overgrip combo later in his career, to a cushion-overgrip combo (but that was because of...
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    Wrist pain due to firmer replacement grip?

    I love the accuracy I get from a leather grip (and really feeling those bevels), but my tender wrist can't take the pain I get from it, even with an overgrip on top. There's very little shock absorption. So, since I don't like a full thickness cushiongrip, I use a thin one like Prince ResiPro...
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    Prince Classic Graphite 100 grommets?

    Well, I guess that's a no. No big deal---I have a few more grommets left. Again, thanks to TW for offering the POG 100 and its Longbody over the years!
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    Prince Classic Graphite 100 grommets?

    Any chance you'll be getting these beauties back in stock? Thanks again for supplying them earlier this year. TW is the best in the West! (And everywhere else.)
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    Talk Tennis: Tecnifibre HDMX 16 playtest!

    Tension used for playtest---55 lbs. Regular string set up and tension---Head Rip Control 17, at 57 lbs. Racquet used for test---Prince Graphite Classic 100. Power/Control of test string---like others have said, it's more powerful than your usual poly. But I'm not used to a 16 gauge string, so...
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    I got my HDMX test string last week, but all my sticks are freshly strung! All I can do right...

    I got my HDMX test string last week, but all my sticks are freshly strung! All I can do right now is try out that Tecnifibre overgrip…..