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    Steve Johnson: yet another PJ'd Aerostorm

    Johnsons racket is def extended
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    Baghdatis using HEAD mold at BMW open

    hes back to blue racket for citi open
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    Anyone who has had hand injuries?

    To share an update, doc thought an injury could have created neuritis in the hand (nerve issues), gave me a 6 day prednisone pack. It immediately has helped remove 75% of pain. it does have side effects though. I will report back to share if it lasts after I am done with the treatment
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    Cage 2 - anything out match ankle stability?

    I am coming off an ankle injury and need a shoe like my old cage II that really locks my foot/ankle in and is rigid rather than flexy. I like how the opening was firm, heel was elevated, and had a narrower fit. The ballistec models after the cage 2 had a flimsy/soft opening and felt wider, more...
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    Adidas Barricade 8.0

    speaking of german..miss my manual cayman s tremendously
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    Adidas Barricade 8.0

    my best shoes ever were cage 2's and barricade 2s. am i gaining something by going to barricade 7/8s?
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    Does anyone wear any compression shorts under their tennis shorts/skorts?

    what is the benefit to these?? ive always used boxers and good quality tennis shorts. what am i missing out on??
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    Post Pictures of your Racquets and Tennis Gear

    alex78, how does radical pro compare to your basic radicals? also, i have a liquidmetal radical MP, wondering if other versions are better. Can you rate your favorite to least fav versions and why?
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    Post Pictures of your Racquets and Tennis Gear

    how does the lead at 10/2 effect the racket? for me it has always decreased topspin, much to my chagrin
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    Wilson Hits Homerun with Wilson Steam 99S (mini review)

    how is hitting a 2hbh with this frame?
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    ...Bobby Reynolds and PDR...

    No way is it regular length
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    ATP 250 BB&T Atlanta Open

    Terrible Finals Matchup.
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    Bonjour from Babolat

    Im thinking of buying the plus version. How the heck do you make 18g last more than 2 hours? With this racket could you do tension in low 50s and manage the power with spin?
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    ATP 250 BB&T Atlanta Open

    Harrison would be a lot better if he wasn't a midget