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    Mathieu Montcourt passes away

    It can happen. If it truly was an embolus its possible he may have had a clotting disorder. Very sad though..
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    worst atp or wta tour player profile pics :P

    Good lord who is this photographer?? Everyone has the steely eyed gaze of a serial killer?
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    Is bouncing the ball with the frame of your racquet any indication of tennis talent

    It takes a LOT of forearm muscle control as well. Its one of those things where if you are a pro its easy to do, but just because you can do it doesn't mean you're a pro! The other thing pros do great is hacky sack with a tennis ball.. this is really really hard. If you watch any sort of...
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    Murray Looks Like he Hurt his Knee

    I think the same knee is why he missed almost a year as a junior.
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    The Decline of Federer's Backhand

    No, look at his volleys.. the forehand volley is atrocious now for his standards.
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    F. Verdasco (ESP) v. R. Machado (POR)

    Congrats to Verdasco!
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    Woodies vs Bryans

    Woodies would win
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    August 25th 2008: Donald Young grew up....

    Yes! A Mal Washington prop!
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    is gonzalez getting boo'ed?

    Have you ever met a Philadelphia Eagles fan?
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    Your Least Favorite ATP Player(s)?

    Horna is famous for being a jerk
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    What age will the top players retire?

    Murray had knee problems a few years ago that prevented him from playing juniors for a while, and continues to have lingering knee pain.
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    Anyone know why ESPN isn't broadcasting the men in true HD?

    I remember an old Tennis magazine from the 90's where Brad Gilbert developed a rare condition in his eye from excessive UV light.. the picture was not pleasing. Saw the guy a few years back, if he wasn't a tennis player you'd think he was some sort of wise guy... he is very strong for his age.
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    Nadal's aura

    Nadal has had an aura for years too. Disagree with your statement; the great ones have the game to do damage well after their prime. See Becker, Lendl, and Sampras winning slams much later than their last one. Its too simplistic to say Federer relies only on ability and Nadal relies on...
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    Novak learned his lesson?

    Maybe, but to be a great player in any sport you have to be immensely confident internally, bordering on, or even being outright cocky. Some athletes have just chosen to hide it better than others. Even the "nice" great athletes are like this. Good for him though, if he can hide some of his...