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    Andy Murray is the tennis story of the year.

    You know nothing John Snow…
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    Andy Murray booed after underarm service...

    Ok, so stop procrastinating
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    Andy Murray booed after underarm service...

    STOP, just stop.. underhand is not illegal, we've established that right? so it comes down to being downright dirty because Carlos wasn’t ready. Will those moaning about it please acknowledge that if you are not ready to receive your opponents serve 4 seconds before he HAS to serve ( failure to...
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    Andy Murray booed after underarm service...

    Think most of you are missing Murray’s actual point, and the reasoning behind the underarm serve. He said that Carlos was receiving from way back in the court, that the balls were heavy the court was slow. He wanted Carlos to think twice about standing so far back, did it once.
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    Murray has evolved

    Of course not, pointless otherwise…
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    Murray has evolved

    But that still leaves Murray only four seconds to serve, look at the numbers, they tell the story, if Carlos still isn’t ready to receive with only 4 seconds to go it’s his look out, add to that Murray’s new habit of bouncing the ball 9 times before serving, that should have given him a clear...
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    Murray has evolved

    Bollocks, the countdown clock showed 4 seconds to go, receiver has to be ready to return within that countdown too. Hey, great idea dick around on receiving and collect the penalty points
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    Emma Is The Most Marketable Player In History.

    A nation that knows the price of everything and the value of nothing has advanced hardly at all.
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    Emma Is The Most Marketable Player In History.

    You are obviously not aware that she visited ( pre pandemic ) her Chinese grandmother every year, speaks 8/10 mandarin, so I have no doubt her marketing people will use that to leverage her income potential, but phoney, not even close.
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    2021 US Open R1: Stefanos Tsitsipas [3] vs Andy Murray [114]

    You cannot overplay an actual metal hip, unless you’re suggesting it didn't happe.
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    Who has the better double handed backhand: Murray or Nishikori?

    Ah’ I see, you mean which is prettier! if you meant best, then Andy obviously, he’s won far more with it.
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    Andy Murray is an exciting player with the most beautiful backhand in the hame

    Like Japanese archery, hitting the target is secondary to the grace of the shot.
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    Muzziah Manor – followers of the Mettled Master of Magnanimity

    And, unlike Edmunds refusal to serve full bore to the lady.