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    The top ranked players in the world get the exact same coaching as 3.0 players

    The exact same coaching? Bro.. have you ever had a coach and a hitter in your 3.0 lesson? LOL.
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    What's the regional rating range here?

    People of above average physical fitness - like the two 4.5s in the video will continue to play 4.5 tennis is great conditions. Just because MEP couldn't beat Topher doesn't mean that Wannabe Pro won't. That's just bad handicapping. I think Wannabe pro would cruise past Topher if they had a...
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    Federer forehand code cracked

    That is his ceiling with that technique and not your ceiling buddy..
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    Swingvision users?

    I feel like it low balls serves - and I think frame calculations give higher numbers then it does. But not going to spend the time to see if that is the case.. It does a decent job with just one camera I think. You would need to coordinate multiple cameras like playsight to get good numbers.
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    Is consistent depth more important than power?

    Yeah I was working so hard at playing tennis in NYC... So much court time! So much practice. I played maybe 10 times a year in NYC - for 1 hour each - and I lived there 15 years.
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    Federer forehand code cracked

    Wait - weren't you going to play like MEP. Stick with that bro..
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    MEP vs ET Players - Original TT Epic

    Meh. In a rematch on ET's court Sean stands a fighting chance. Any 4.0 stands a good chance if it comes down to tennis skill and is not a fitness contest.
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    Swingvision users?

    Seems pretty cool. I think it low balls serves some - but it looks cool to me. Gonna try it out soon.
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    Drop shots and lobs in recreational tennis.

    I dunno some of us have jobs and such bro. All the time in the world.. Normal people don't have unlimited time for a hobby. Pros are getting paid to play - so they dedicate everything to being better at tennis. Amateurs are playing a few hours a week so they are best spent working on the...
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    5.5 vs. 5.0 - Good stuff to take away.

    The problem with that theory is that he got beaten by Wisconsin 4.0s. Is it not possible the NTRP is not consistent country wide? Is it also not possible that players who rely on stamina and fitness to win - can play up in hot regions but would play down in temperate conditions. Certainly you...
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    Is consistent depth more important than power?

    If you are doing it right - you are hitting at a pace that is decent with a comfortable stroke such that it sill goes in because of the topspin you add. The power you use is dependent on your body and your technique. As it is comfortable shot - it should be like at 6-7 out of your possible 10...
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    how deceiving is the lob serve

    Overhead height needed is related to love of overheads. There are always balls that are high enough for an overhead that people instead hit with a topspin forehand. Call it sexist - but women like overheads a lot less then men.. So lob serve works fine for 3.0 women. Anyone else - they start...
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    Drop shots and lobs in recreational tennis.

    Rec players time is limited. So time spent working on drop shots and lobs is not being used on serves and returns. Which shots actually matter more to win matches - serve and return. If you go through a match - hit solid first and a good second serve - and hit solid returns on every single...
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    Is there etiquette in free hitting?

    You should cooperatively rally - it can be cross court and such - just rally balls though. For the people that feel bored - that's why they invented drills, tie breaks and actual tennis matches. Most adults are pretty anxious to play sets and such. So can't say this is ever a huge problem. i...
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    If you guys throw a tennis ball...

    I think Chas has been replaced with an ISR serve algo as part of a strange alien experiment. Anytime a serve thread comes up - a post about slow motion and ISR happens.