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    Yonex Ezone AI98 successor?

    Xi98 plays very stiff. Would not recommend if you have sensitive arm
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    Switching to POG 107

    I used the POG 107 as my main stick last year. For full poly I strung at 51 lbs (usually FB Alu Power) GUt/Poly 55 mains/50 crosses Full syn gut 56 lbs For a standard sized racquet (~98) I would string polys in low 40s
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    Typical Calories Burned During a Singles Match?

    I wore an HRM a couple times last year. Match play. ~4.0 level. Playing guy who gets everything back. Long rallies. Pretty hot outside. Avg heart rate over 90 minutes was ~140. This was using Polar wrist based HRM. Thats alot of calories. Way more than 5-600.
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    What are you listening to RIGHT NOW?

    The Chats Smoko
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    Best racquet for a 4.0, 55 year old?

    Blade 98 16x19 Gravity Tour prince TT310/290
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    All you Canadians....Sale/Trade Club?

    this has been sold.
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    Swiatek...countdown to racquet change

    I have grommets for Tour 100T ESP. Im in Canada though. PM me if interested.
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    NRG2 vs Triax vs Head Velocity MLT

    I believe they have had deals in the past where it gets done to 60 a reel or so. Its really nice string.
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    NRG2 vs Triax vs Head Velocity MLT

    Not that you asked but Prince Premier Control comes in 15 and 15L and at times can be had dirt cheap for a reel
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    Technifibre Triax 1.28 is the truth (Golf Elbow recovery)

    Agree about the shipping to Canada. If they just gave a USPS option instead of UPS it would be so much better. I also order from UK because of the shipping issue.
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    how much does the plastic wrap on a new stick weigh?

    thanks everyone for replies. I only asked because I am considering buying a racquet at a local shop and I wanted to get something close to spec in weight and balance. Really just trying to eliminate outliers.
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    how much does the plastic wrap on a new stick weigh?

    title says it all.