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    What's your level, and what technical or mechanical problem have you solved lately?

    4-4.5 (non USA resident). Only recently, mainly due to watching Mortaglou videos, have I abandoned the idea promoted here of having the hitting arm passively pulled by torso rotation. As a result, finally fixed my problem with low pace balls Another recent fix has been finally realizing that...
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    Some classic Shapo 1HBH's in this match (video)

    His whole game is fluid. His problem is level consistency, which I believe is mental
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    Where does the serve actually begin?

    I am sure that I’ve seen a couple of times, where the server started the toss, but didn’t like it and caught the ball. The 25 sec were done, but the umpire let them repeat, without any time violation oh, and regarding the foot fault, I clearly remember that it is only called if you swing the...
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    Where does the serve actually begin?

    I remember the commentators saying that the rule states the toss as the beginning. That’s why if you toss and catch it, without swinging, you’ve actually gained extra time, which I think is a loophole.
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    Looking for some advice on my backhand once again

    You’re on the right track. Your biggest issue is insufficient coil. your tendency to keep your front foot neutral to open is to compensate for that. While the 1hbh allows one to get away with limited/lack of coil, because it is a linear shot, this becomes quickly exposed when faced with a...
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    Looking for some advice on my backhand once again

    Which of the following are true: - have difficulty in dealing with hard and/or heavy balls - problems returning serve - inconsistent down the line - insufficient topspin - inconsistent spacing
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    Have you ever played against someone who appears "off" ?

    I almost feel there will turn out to be some character, who has played multiple people on this forum and only through the collective stores here will we be able to recognize him. Then, we will hear of his wise anecdotes and stories collected over years of nomadic tennis life playing against...
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    Am I the only one who still doesn't see the point of mini-tennis

    I guess some people would go crazy if they followed this advice: :-D
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    Adult Tennis Camp?

    My ‘plan’ is to do Piatti in Italy this September. I’m returning to gym routine and tennis every alternating day to build up for that.
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    Swingvision users?

    Great video editing tool. Horrible speed estimates. Okish bounce location
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    Freehitting with a higher level player.

    nothing beats a “live” ball. I have the lobster elite V, but haven’t used in more than 2 years, as I have been able to find people to play with. Unlike a machine’s precision, a human will have variances in every shot even if they are trying to hit the same shot. This will allow you to learn how...
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    Club pro crushing some shots...

    Come on. His accent was horrible:D
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    Anyone have any tangible advice or specific triggers to work on loosening their grip on both the serve and forehand?

    Serve: literally have your pinky off just touching the base of the grip; you must make sure that your racquet is on the right side of your body (right handed) or vertical, before you start the racquet drop that should be triggered by your legs driving up FH: keep your off hand on the racquet...
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    How can I hit a high % return of serve that's not a chip?

    Aside from the toss, observe their foot orientation. Lots of players set up slightly more towards the direction they will hit. Somewhat better players only move their feet after the toss, but with still enough time to read it, before they hit the ball.
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    MEP vs ET Players - Original TT Epic

    In general, I agree with this post, but not for the particular reason of Ian not being able to hit a bh rally, rather that his knowledge is incomplete. I’ve watched several of Ian’s one on one lesson videos and if you compare it with what I posted about the things a tennis coach needs, he...