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    Berretini to expose Nole false dawn.

    Historically, Big serve + Big FH players are Djokovic's favorite players to play.... Berretini is also 3-0 against him. Please TW... Everytime Djokovic plays someone it's "XX will Dethrone Djokovic this round and show his fallacy". The guy has won 3 GS this year, it's already a done deal.
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    Djokovic's Conditioning at Tokyo Olympics

    They announced that they may change it to a later time. Also Djokovic doesn’t struggle with heat, it’s windy conditions. He won in Australia after playing for 6 hours 90 degrees with medium humidity back in 2012. I’ve noticed the serves in Tokyo are coming off a bit slow so Djokovic is getting...
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    Djokovic's Conditioning at Tokyo Olympics

    With his natural low body fat, any muscle he adds will probably boost his muscular endurance as well. Your arms and legs do get tired of pushing and swinging with less muscle. I highly doubt he overdoes it though.
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    Djokovic's Conditioning at Tokyo Olympics

    It seems like he is not fazed by the heat and humidy that much. Looks leaner and muscular as he's ever been (2012). He is completely steam rolling 2nd sets and looks to be much fitter than his younger competition (see Medvedev). His preparation is amazing. No wonder he was posting so much...
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    Who has the second greatest 2HB?

    1. Djokovic 2. Agassi 3. Murray 4. Nalbandian 5. Safin Tennis was more difficult back then?? Today's game relies on the backhand more than ever, with constant baseline rallies/grinding. The quality of backhands in the modern age is significantly better than back then. Also having a great...
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    Could any combination of the Big Three be Doubles #1 Players?

    Say they stopped their singles careers and began soley focusing on doubles, would any combination of them be enough to be Doubles #1 for 100 weeks (in an era without Bryan Brothers)? Would have to be right? They all have skillsets that would be insanely beneficial in doubles.
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    Novak is also peaking off court, it's INSANE!!!

    Still not as popular as Federer but his recent runs and mentality have inspired/enthused a lot of people. It seems to be the younger generation that has a strong bias for him. Not to mention Djokovic is built for these types of environments, significantly more so than Fed and Nadal
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    Has Djokovic shattered the "Djokovic isn't loved" myth?

    Djokovic is actually the biggest athlete at the Olympics this year, and with him on the cusp of breaking multiple records, it’s no wonder he’s getting a lot of craze. The Olympics twitter account is already meming his split photo with the belgian gymnasts. It also helps he is extroverted
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    Peak Safin vs. Peak Djokovic: who prevails?

    Thread is a joke…. 2005 AO Safin, everyone’s peak god tennis player only won the tourney because Fed choked match points and went full tilt against him. He is not the greatest offensive player ever lol. 2016 AO or 2016 Doha Djokovic would obliterate 2005 AO Safin into the ground , if we’re...
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    Djokovic to go sleeveless in Tokyo

    Man Djokovic looks lean and mean sleeveless Obviously not as buff as Rafa but it looks like he packed on some muscle this season
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    If Djokovic was truly the greatest returner ever, shouldn't it stand to reason that they should increase surface speed to truly challenge his return?

    The old heads in this forum are running out of arguments now that Djokovic is the numerical/record goat
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    Federer is 10-21 versus Djokodal in grand slams

    Federer is an amazing player, one of the greatest of all time, and by far the most aesthetic. However, he doesn’t play winning tennis the way Djokovic and Nadal do.
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    If Djokovic was truly the greatest returner ever, shouldn't it stand to reason that they should increase surface speed to truly challenge his return?

    As said earlier, serving stats now back the modern era: - Racket technology allows for players to precisely place their serves, more than ever - Players put ridiculous amount of spin on serves - The average serve now is much faster than it was in the 80s -90s - The average top 100 player is...
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    Djokovic: I feel I'm the most complete that I've been as a player right now in my entire career.

    Yeah, yeah you can argue all that but you still didn't address what he said. Thanks for the derogatory name calling as well :)