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    Diary of a Racketaholic

    I tried it a couple of days ago and some other really strong players (ex ATP ranking) tried it as well and it´s all about control. Strung SW was 310 and it really needs lead at 12 (imo). I placed 3.5 grams lead at 12 and that beefed up the unstrung SW to 324. Have not tried it in that form yet...
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    Bonjour from Babolat: Part Trois

    I will get the new PS VS on monday if everything goes as planned AND I got green light on posting pics of it straight away as well!!
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    Is it possible we could see wood rackets again at the top of the game?

    I very good seniors player here in Sweden have started a new brand with wooden racquets, handcrafted. They are still in the prototype phase:
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    Head TGK 219.17?

    It’s based on the old microgel extreme mold. The 219 is the mold and the last 2 digits is in this case what lay-up of material used (flex) and string pattern. The extreme pro stocks are available in 2 different pattern. One very open and spin friendly 16/19 and one more tight 16/19 pattern with...
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    Blade V8 Official Thread.

    If my memory is correct I placed about 4 * 2 grams “Novak style” on the frame. So a total of 8 grams
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    Babolat 2501 e problem

    Nope, sorry, did not manage to fix it. I sold it to a guy that i know fixed it though. He worked with electronical devices in his job if i´m not mistanken and got it going. Have no idea how though..
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    Blade V8 Official Thread.

    A little report on the v8 16/19 with some lead at 3 and 9. Strung SW with Signum pro plasma pure 1.24 is 326. A totally different experience now compared to the very light 314 strung sw without lead. Now it is my top choice of the blades. The 18/20 is good when just trading baseline strokes but...
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    Cheat Stick

    +1 on that one! Really solid with wicked power and spinn. You dont need to do much to get good shots with this frame.
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    Swiatek...countdown to racquet change

    He was out for a long time before he made the switch to Babolat. It was during his comeback he started using pure drive
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    Has anyone used head Palletts on a non Head frame?

    I have installed them on a wilson prostock 6.1. Some minor customizing of them but it only takes a couple of minutes. Remove the buttcap and see how the hairpin is formed and measure it to see if the head pallets fit
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    Blade V8 Official Thread.

    The SW of 324.6 in the 18/20 felt very good out on clay. I will try it first time tonight on indoor hard and see how it feels like. I did also put some lead at 3 and 9 on the 16/19 to beef up the SW to 326 and also strung it in 48 lbs, but i just can not get the right groove with it. Very...
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    Blade V8 Official Thread.

    I have not got that version yet unfortunately. The V7 104 felt really good though. A unique feel with such a low flex in a big hitting-surface racquet.
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    Blade V8 Official Thread.

    I felt I played best with the 100L customized to about 310 grams unstrung and a strung SW of 326, but all my opponents said I hit a heavier, faster ball with the 98 18/20. I could hit "through" the ball better without it sailing long. So for now I will focus on the 18/20 version.
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    Blade V8 Official Thread.

    In the videos I used following frames: White strings with wilson logo. 98 16/19 with some lead. Sw326 Silver strings no logo. 98 18/20 no lead. Sw 324.6 Silver strings with wilson and Luxilon logo. 98 16/19 no lead. Sw 314. Serves and volleys only with 98 18/20 No videos when I used the 100L...
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    Blade V8 Official Thread.

    I must say it feels like the V8 swings faster in some way. I am looking at some videos I recorded for the tennisnerd review (will be uploaded tomorrow I think) and I don’t strike the ball so late as I tend to do with some previous blade-versions. It feels the same way in the swing as the k-blade...