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    Head Velocity MLT - anyone tried?

    just a reminder to all of us, thiem with multi
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    Junior Forehand

    big windup smetimes works
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    Replacement for Asics Gel Solution Speed 2

    answer is ubersonic 2; low to the ground, same glove like fit like ss2, good stability but light enough vapor x doesn´t have the glovelike fit, mizuno are stiffer, other oprtion i have not tested sizing: ss2 44.5 eu but needed 45 eu in the u2
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    LM Radical vs IG Radical MP

    owned both, matched them, same string. lm version was softer AND more powerfull and spinfriendly, better racquet in every aspect.
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    Racket recommendations please

    they are hard to maneuver and making them more headight doesn´t change the sluggishness imo won´t work with full multi if you want more accuracy than your current racquet current gen is still a stiff racquet, only because it´s ,more comfortable than the last gen doesn´t make it "really"...
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    adidas FOOTWEAR: ask adidas anything! [closed]

    i use the ubersonic 2 and like the performance. i mean, if the sales for a certain model are good, then the companies should know what the people want. changing the key features or the fit of the model in a new iteration is exactly not what people want. and if the sales of a model go down...
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    adidas FOOTWEAR: ask adidas anything! [closed]

    why do they change the fit of consecutively models of the same line: for example from Ubersonic 2 (narrow) to Ubersonic 3 ("wide"), with the result that they have to rerelease the U2. what is the reasoning behind such decisions. why are there no carpet tennis shoes from adidas ?
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    Prince Official - Racquets

    if you like the feel of ozone mp and comfort is your major concern, than i would stay with such a frame, because no other frame on the market comes close in regard to comfort. on the german eb*y site they are still selling the prince tour 100 18x20, which is similar to your frame only slightly...
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    From VCORE Pro 100 to VCORE Pro 97 310, HD Vcore 98, 95 or Prestige?

    i didn´t have issues with the stability in stock form and i´m used to 12oz 330sw sticks, but i also don´t seek maximum stability. i prefer a slightly unstable but comfortable frame (if you mishit) than a rocksolid and uncomfortable one. but the vcore had the stability that i expected, based on...
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    From VCORE Pro 100 to VCORE Pro 97 310, HD Vcore 98, 95 or Prestige?

    not sure, played the sv too long ago, but since the vcore was softer i doubt that it has more power.
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    From VCORE Pro 100 to VCORE Pro 97 310, HD Vcore 98, 95 or Prestige?

    owned the vcore 95, but only demoed the sv, so take the comparison with a grain of salt. biggest difference is the vcore 95 felt better, not as brassy and hollow (relatively) as the sv.
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    Cuevas to Head Gravity?

    no, 18 mains , but since he lost to mussetti, we can close this thread anyway
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    Prince Official - Racquets

    97p not available in europe
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    From VCORE Pro 100 to VCORE Pro 97 310, HD Vcore 98, 95 or Prestige?

    no, the plastic piece in the buttcap. sw stays the same but 7gr less static weight
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    co-poly mains / NG cross hybrid advice

    4-5 lb differential is ok