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    How to handle Chip-n-chargers.

    Hi all. I am a 3.5 lefty player with topspin forehand and 1HBH. I play baseline game and it has been working quite well. There is another player at my club who frustrates me with his chip and charge game. The most frustrating part is the chipping. He sends both forehand and backhand with a...
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    Question about the rules of tennis

    I have a similar scenario to share. I was playing a doubles match and hit a topspin lob off of a serve. One of the opponents ran back to get it but he thought it was going long. He did not hit the ball but while he was waiting for the ball to bounce, it touched his shirt and then dropped...
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    Need feedback on groundstrokes & serve

    Interesting videos. Thanks for sharing. Your FH looks pretty good but you fall behind on some of them and that either makes the shot sail long or you lose power over it. Early preparation, stepping to the ball and hitting through it might help. On the 1HBH, give yourself more room between...
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    How to assess your opponents weaknesses?

    IMO, you can either play to their weaknesses or to your strengths. What about testing them with your strengths? The problem with focusing on only their weaknesses and pay less attention to what you do well is sometimes you found the weakness that you can't exploit. For example, they have poor...
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    Sharapova's grunts make me think of how she would sound in the bathroom during a bad bout of constipation. :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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    Kim Clijsters not so nice article

    Not that I endorse Kim calling the reporter an a**hole. But being nice does not mean you have to be a pushover. Some of those reporters are nasty and invasive. Kim had the right not to answer the question, I just wish she had responded to the reporter in a more professional way. By the way...
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    World's Sexiest Tennis Players by ACE Magazine, hmmm...

    Capriati has every right to be on the list, the men's list that is. Ivanovic should be in the top three. And where is Vaidisova???
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    Nucknames of Tennis Players

    I thought Hewitt's nickname was Rusty...
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    Badminton , have you tried it ?

    I played badminton growing up, then switched to tennis. Unless you play both tennis and badminton often and are good at both, one will screw up the other. Racquet handling, the arm and wrist motion and body positioning are quite different among the two sports.
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    One handed backhand grip issue

    Wouldn't a slice backhand with eastern FH grip cause your ball to float because of the open face? I hit both slice and topspin BH with eastern BH grip. Slight variation toward continental for BH slice and slight variation to semi-western BH grip if I want to rip heavy BH topspin.
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    Suggestions needed!!!

    Probably not a good idea to be restrictive and play only with people at your level. Try playing above and below your level. With better players, you'll learn how to be match tough and know which part of the game you have to improve. With weaker players, you'll learn how to play your game and...
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    Anyone have tips to move LESS?

    One of our club pros is a big guy. You wouldn't think he could play tennis, you wouldn't even think he could walk! He doesn't move much when he plays. Here are my observations about him. 1. He reads the oncoming shot very well and positions himself early. 2. He hits hard, flat strokes that...
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    Are you a lefty?

    Lefty for tennis, soccer, writing and eating. Righty for throwing ball and hitting a volleyball... It's amazing how people neglect to notice my handedness during the match. One time, the last person to know I'm a lefty was my doubles partner.
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    How to avoid passing shot at the net?

    Just wanted to offer something from the passing shot maker's point of view. I have a regular hitting partner who is a pretty decent serve-and-volleyer and a very good net player. I am a baseliner and I usually hit passing shot winners when... 1. His approach shot is not deep or well-paced...
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    Fav forehand grip?

    I use eastern primarily for its versatility. However, I occasionally would go semi-western for that extra topspin if the opponent is a baseline hugger and invites me to a power rally exchange. :)