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    Second biggest Grand Slam upset of the decade?

    Tsonga's upset of Nadal at the the '08 Australian open semi. Tsonga wasn't even seeded and Nadal was about to begin the best year of his career. And Tsonga played simply spectacular tennis.
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    Federer givin it to the Ump!!!

    I love how the theme from Taxi was playing in the background.
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    Turnaround in 3rd-set (10-point) tiebreaks?

    Generally, the advice is to continue to do the same thing you were doing if you are up. But if the other team gets down they will commonly change tactics, like two on the baseline, or lobbing constantly. This change can be unnerving to your players if this happens. Often what happens is that...
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    Who would YOU have playing for YOUR life?

    I would have the Federer from Australian Open 2007 brought in. No one beats him.
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    If Fed doesn't win??????

    Federer has been to 19 CONSECUTIVE Grand Slam semi-finals. Why is it NOW that he would "choke?" I hope all these ridiculous "what-ifs" and broken logic like "if nadal gets upset roger gets upset hurr" is not how tennis players on this forum approach their own tournaments. The last thing I bet...
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    The 100 pushup challenge

    Now all we need is a 100 dip and 100 pull up challenge and my spindly arms will have some meat on them.
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    Pushing vs. Grinding

    Ginders and pushers are both (obviously) very consistent and can get to any ball. They are both married to the baseline. Pushers simply put the ball over the net and into the court. There is rarely spin. They wait for you to just make an unforced error. Grinders can use spin and placement...
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    program to create PDF files??
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    Pictures of Novak Djokovics Head Racket

    Awesome, an 18 x 20 string pattern.
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    How good was William Renshaw?

    The thing about Renshaw's Wimbledon victories is that in those days winning the tournament meant that next year the victor would be an automatic finalist, and the rest of players were fighting for a chance to play Renshaw.
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    Oz '09 & Federer's Tears [Merged threads]

    I'd like to see how many people on this board would have done the same as Roger. There weren't any threads like this when Roger cried after winning many of his slams. Many of the expectations given are hopelessly unrealistic by people who could never imagine such a gut-wrenching loss.
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    Fed's down and in tears. Please stop any negative thread!!

    I'm pretty sure that Federer doesn't look at this petty forum.
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    Anyone Frustrated by Roger's passive returns?

    If only it were that easy.
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    Tennis ball related incidents?

    I'm *snicker* so sorry for your "peepee." :)
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    Federer's backhand has improved

    Agreed. The Fed that we saw smoke DelPo and Roddick was the Federer from pre-'08. I think the advantage of Nadal's balls bouncing just a little bit lower tips the balance in Fed's favor. This final will show us just how much Nadal has improved on hard court.