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    Federer News

    Tennis player loses close match after being away 2 months. In other shocking news the sun came up.
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    Self Rates and Appeal Downs

    But, how will those captains that never play get that next shirt from nationals if things change? You guys are so mean!
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    Nike Zoom GP Turbo official thread.

    Looks like they taken down. Weird.
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    Nike Zoom GP Turbo official thread.

    Gf wants these. Any idea when they come out?
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    Murray withdraws from the FO

    If he enjoys playing so much he could do the champions tour and exhibitions. He’s going to cripple himself.
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    How many Slams would Pete Sampras have won with Becker-Edberg 5 and 4 years younger to him ?

    I think the only being that could have beaten Safin that day was a guy that walked on water 2000 years ago.
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    *** Long Live The Radicals ***

    Wish they would make a 18 x 20 radical again.
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    Worst excuse you’ve seen for a bad performance?

    No doubt. Nike made hats in 1990. Put one on.
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    Anyone else feel Sloane's forehand diminished after switching to new Radical?

    Motivation and fitness are things I have noticed lacking with Sloan before a racket change.
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    Becker forehand Slow Mo VIDEO!

    I always thought that if he had been more dedicated fitness wise he would have been unbeatable at times. He seemed bored with tennis sometimes.
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    Why did Agassi choose an OS frame?

    He had the right racket he liked for his game.
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    Nadal struggling: Forehand 'misbehaving' & 'flying too much' in Rome practice

    Until Peter Cushing hunts Nadal down with holy water and stakes I expect him to win at RG.
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    Sporting good stores 80s and 90s?

    Part of the fun for me was just seeing them in person right there. All of them.
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    Sorry if repost: Paire mad at digital crowd cheering his unforced errors

    These guys that get angry are a lightweights. People just laugh at them. We need someone that really puts the fear of god in people. Like Mike Tyson with a racket.