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    "A revolt broke out. The players are not very happy for the unequal treatment in relation to big players in Adelaide"...

    They are the boss because they defeated illness and suffering. They are better than us unwashed.
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    Dubs Match: Peak McEnroe and 5.0 vs Williams Sisters

    Yes and still get beat.
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    Djokovic request for fitness equipment in his quarantine room denied

    Athletes don’t need to work out.
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    Djokovic makes demands to Tiley re player conditions

    The top players as a group should have agreed to just not play it. Let them have a tournament filed with no names.
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    Players who chose to skip AO are really smart !

    I predict a few injuries. If the tournament happens.
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    The USTA's Tax Break and top salaries

    The USTA sounds like a very forward thinking progressive organization. They are better.
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    One-Hit (Slam) Wonders

    There is an alternative universe out there where Agassi only won Wimbledon 92 never came back from the wrist injury and opened a anti tennis camp school for kids.
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    Federer vs Nadal US Open - How it would look

    It would look like two groups of immature fans hating each other online and the two people they are siding with could care less if those same fans lived or died. Like politics.
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    What kind of impact did Sampras's performance at the French Open have on his legacy compared to other ATGs?

    I always had the feeling growing up in the 90s that the FO was the slam that eluded the greats because they were mostly attacking players and their game didn’t translate to clay all that well. A semi run was big news back then by a S and V player. Ironically with nadal winning a billion French...
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    Has the USTA released a statement about the debacle ?

    I’m sure if the USTA put the same kind of effort it has the past 20 years creating the next great crop of male American players everything will be fine.
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    Cheating In Junior Tournament

    Wait until the get to adult usta....
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    They were. I don’t think they are anymore. Change still might be. And I think Andre did it when it was close to home. Maybe they have other hobbies now.
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    Wonder Woman 1984 release on 25th of December! here and in China too!

    Movie was boring. I don’t understand this need for every superhero to have a love interest in each film. Should have just been her. Steave is dead. Move on.