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    Nadal will lead Spain against US

    nothing against blake, but him and roddick are gonna get so owned!
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    I Know Who Will Win The Us Open!

    that match will last for 15 hours and 9 of those 15 hours has djerkovic lying down on the court receivin treatment from his timeouts.
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    I Know Who Will Win The Us Open!

    rafael nadal will win, though im a fed fan. bold prediction or screwed in the head? you tell me
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    First time since 1969

    thats awesome, im glad rafa is here cuz if not fed would have no rival.
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    Roddick-Djokovic controversy

    so sad, one thing i dont like about americans, DESPERATION
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    I can't belive John Mac Jinxed Roddick like that!!

    wow, its so sad......roddick fans blaming a commentator for loss, pitiful.......
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    Sampras would kill Rafa at the US Open!

    Sampras Would Kill Rafa In The Us Open Cuz He Will Be So Mad Rafa Will Own Him In Front Of His Home Crowd.
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    Roddick-Djokovic controversy

    robredo is right, if u aint fit enough, QUIT, i think medical time outs should only be given to a player once for only 3-5 minutes then thats it, if u badly need another one, u gotta quit.
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    Death of S&V: Guy Forget analysis

    completely disagree with this persons analysis, its ridiculous, there is a reason you know on why this mans last name is "forget"...
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    Del Potro

    those groundies are very hard and precise like laser.
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    Nadal two wins away from 0.8 GOAT

    now i dont know about goat, but hey im sure one day he may be goat, who knows.
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    Screech or Stiffler?

    dont like neither but screech is a bigger a-hole.
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    It seems Paes is an @ss.....

    boohooo somebody got hit with a tennis ball, whats the big deal? maybe if crybaby jamie murray was a nascar driver and he gets run over by a car or if he is a basketball player and shaq eats him.
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    If Roddick somehow wins US Open against...

    i love feddy but yes, his record against the rafster is horrid,
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    Tennis - still best when played on a fast surface?

    well im a pretty big server and i like to stay on the baseline, run around my bh and hit a big fh, i love indoors, no sun, no rain, no wind, no interference, plus its faster too.