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    Your favorite classic HEAD Racket.

    I had both. Was collecting them about 13 years ago. I had six racquets, two from Austria.
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    Your favorite classic HEAD Racket.

    The i.Radical MP
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    Lefties Serving in the Sun

    Where I play in Southern California I struggle with sun at mid-day on one end of the court. I have been trying to adjust playing with sunglasses.
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    What happened to US men's tennis?

    Isner, Querry and Opaleka are horrible movers and they are the best America has to offer. And what I see & know about US player development is a lack of US male tennis players having any impact on the tour.
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    What happened to US men's tennis?

    What happened to US men's tennis is quite simple. Tennis moved from being an elitist, country club sport to become a sport that require equal parts athleticism and skill. The Tennis Establishment in the US ignored the memo. As a result of living the past, and believing its own hype of...
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    Wawrinka vs Safin

    Stan has/is maximizing his potential, while Safin left so much on the table.
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    Have you played tennis again after the start of the pandemic?

    I have been playing between 3 to 5 days a week for the past 2 months. I wear a mask went I pay for the court and when people are around. I don't the separate balls thing but I use hand sanitizer. I do miss playing league but I read online that the USTA, Southern California may have tri-level...
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    Prince Original Graphite ( POG ) Mid and OS versions

    @WYK your Prince Graphite Pros are gorgeous! How do they play? Are they very flexible?
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    Do you cheer for your fellow countrymen?

    American Men's tennis has been in the Dark Ages since forever. If if wasn't for Tommy Haas having dual citizenship, I would be at a loss.
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    Anyone is CA oc area?

    I am in Long Beach, CA. 4.0 available Saturday mornings.
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    Do you keep your racquets and bags 'on brand'

    The bag does not have to match my sticks. I switched from Wilson to Prince, I used the Wilson bag until it needed to replace it. I didn't get a Prince bag.
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    Do you miss any shoes from the past?

    Adidas Barricade 5
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    Send 'Em Back to the '80s!

    I am not suggesting that players using a wooden tennis racquet could not win. What I am saying as early as the 70s there were choice other than the standard wood frame. So if OP is suggesting an even playing field as it concern racquets, you have to go back to the Sixties.
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    Send 'Em Back to the '80s!

    @BorgCash They used different materials in the 1970s. In the 1975 Wimbledon Semis, Connors, Ashe, Tanner, Roche none used a wooden racquet. Jimmy as his trusty T-2000, Ashe with the Head Competition, Tanner with an aluminum head and Roche with an aluminum Yonex. Google Roche 1975 Wimbledon, look...