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    Paris Masters QF: Carlos Alcaraz Garfia vs. Holger Vitus Nodskov Rune

    A crack in the armour for Alcaraz. Who will blink first in the second set?
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    The Ascent To The Throne Begins For Felix Auger Aliassime

    I'm in agreement. FAA is playing a lot of tennis and I would love to see him lead Canada to a Davis Cup Championship to cap off the year.
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    The Ascent To The Throne Begins For Felix Auger Aliassime

    It's seems hard not to root for FAA. He's putting it all together while being a class act.
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    Rolex Paris Masters 1000: Oct 2022

    French crowd is brutal. Booing a net cord?!
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    2022 Swiss Indoors Basel

    Woke up to see FAA taking flight!
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    Are there any tennis shoes with leather uppers still made?

    Edit: I am mistaken about the leather.
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    Adidas Ubersonic 4 Thread

    Mine came in today! The pic doesn't do them justice.
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    Laver Cup 2022

    The same people whining about Tiafoe, mocked Djokovic for not acknowledging Nadal's apology after Rafa tagged in a singles match. It's doubles, sometimes people get it hit. If you take issue with this simple fact of tennis, perhaps pickleball would be better suited for your delicate constitution.
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    Laver Cup 2022

    The Man loves his wife...very cool!!!
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    Laver Cup 2022

    So why are we making a big deal if this was an expo? I didn't realize they we keeping score.
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    Laver Cup 2022

    Wow Tiafoe haters must be new to doubles.
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    Laver Cup 2022

    Rafa can get some