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    Top 10 W-L for YE Top 10 (YEC excluded) since 1990

    @AnOctorokForDinner You are judging by year-end rank, not by the rank at the time the match was played, right? So, e.g. when Edberg beat Courier in round 4 of the 1991 Australian Open, that counts because Courier ended the year as #2, even though at the time of the match Courier was ranked #23...
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    Year End #1 In Doubt?

    Federer and Medvedev are mathematically out of contention, by the way. Only Djokovic can deny Nadal the year-end #1 ranking. That said, both Federer and Medvedev have slight chances of finishing #2. Djokovic currently has 7,945 points in the race. Medvedev could finish on 8,375 points. Federer...
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    Playing Styles as Lightsaber Combat Forms

    I read the book of Revenge of the Sith - and by the way, credit to Matthew Stover for making the closest to a silk purse anyone could reasonably expect of the sow's ear of a script he was working with - so I have heard of these things. Generally speaking, though, I salute your disdain for all...
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    Alexander Volkov passed away today

    I forgot about them. I do remember both as players. But I'm not 100% sure I'd ever noticed that Skoff died. Do you know whether he had an undiagnosed heart defect? If not, it seems surprising that a pro athlete would have a heart attack before the age of 40.
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    Kyle Edmund down to #75 and on a seven-match losing streak

    Of course he was over-ranked when he was #14. But I think he's under-ranked at #75.
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    What's with the obsession with Barretini on this forum?

    Weird that someone who's new here would have as a username an in-joke.
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    Kyle Edmund down to #75 and on a seven-match losing streak

    Yup, Berrettini wins, so that's eight defeats in a row for Edmund. Unless he wins a match in Paris Bercy, he is unlikely to be selected for the Davis Cup.
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    Muzziah Manor – followers of the Mettled Master of Magnanimity

    So his plan is not to play Paris but to return for the Davis Cup? Is that right?
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    Kyle Edmund down to #75 and on a seven-match losing streak

    His points from 2018 Antwerp dropped off today, causing the plummet from #55. He was #30 as recently as 18 August, and #14 at the start of the year. The losing run also drops him below a 50% career match win percentage (from 102-97 to 102-104). But he is a set up against Matteo Berrettini in...
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    Lucas Pouille out for rest of season

    That's one of his home country events and is usually a good opportunity for lower-ranked players as the top players are either tired or conserving energy for London.
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    Where will Murray be ranked by the end of 2020?

    Talking of British players, I just noticed that Kyle Edmund is down to #75 in the rankings, after his points from last year's Antwerp fell off the rankings, and has lost his last seven matches.
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    who would ever thought marin cilic gonna win 14 uso ?

    Not quite half: 9 out of 20. It is: Djokovic: 9 Nadal: 5 Federer: 3 Wawrinka: 2 Murray: 1
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    Is Angrey Back?

    Definitely approaching 22 years of age: it's his 22nd birthday tomorrow!
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    Alexander Volkov passed away today

    That's very sad news. Alas, quite a few players who I grew up watching died before their time: Volkov (today, aged 52) Golmard (in 2017, aged 43) Doohan (ten days before Golmard and from the same cause, MND, aged 56) Novotna (a few months after Golmard and Doohan, aged 49) Baltacha (in 2014...
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    Slam Title Streaks in OE to Fall First?

    Must have been some slight worries as early as Wimbledon 2007, when, despite having a significant age disadvantage, Nadal pushed Federer far closer than Federer had pushed Nadal in three years at Roland Garros. Moreover, Wimbledon 2007 was one of the Humble Bull's early moral victories. ;)