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    Team Black Bear Tennis is official!

    I would release green and pink.
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    Guys only: best legs and other best female issues

    She never played college. She played in high school. She went to a community college and either one year or one semester at Oregon, but never played after high school except recreationally.
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    gamma progression II drop weight, starting clamp crushed thin string. suggestions?

    do not sit the string in the bottom of the clamps jaws. Only hold the string half way down or less.
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    Have you strung for a big box store?

    I have always looked at it as more of an hourly wage. If I do everything myself I can comfortably do 20 minutes per racquet. If my wife removes strings, prints labels and invoices, and bags racquets I can average around 15 minutes per. So for the university I make $15 to $20 an hour. Local rate...
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    How far over the recommended tension range can you go?

    I have one regular that strings at 75. I have had one WTA player that strung at 80.
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    Work up the ladder to become professional stringer.

    I have never been asked to bring a certain machine. I have been asked what type of machine I use (i.e. crank, electric) so they could list it in the information release to teams, or players.
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    Gamma X-ELS Review With Pictures and Details

    Not sure why people keep moving the post on these machines. You can move the post out about an inch from the ends. The standards at 6 and 12 adjust just like on Babolat, Wilson, and other high end machines. I have not had to move my post in years. I talk about it in this video at around the 3...
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    Any Pro Hurricane users?

    bought a reel of it several years ago, still have it. No one request it, and the few I put it on always asked for something different if they came back. I just quit using it. I tried it once and cut it out same day. cant remember anything about it, just remember I didn't like it at the time.
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    Work up the ladder to become professional stringer.

    I operate different than most everyone else. I donate most of what I make every year to a local charity and disable veterans. I have a real job and string as a side gig. I am just fortunate that I have tons of time that I can take off, and can use it whenever I want. I do give up quite a bit of...
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    Starting mains with starting clamp

    Hold the fixed clamp up level with the racquet with your hand
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    Home Stringers: Go Hard or Go Home

    I would say most of my customers prefer name brands. A few just want something cheap, but vast majority want name brand and not worried about cost. It is up to you to find a source to maximize profits.
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    A car you have sold that you wish you had back

    1970 RS Camero
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    Work up the ladder to become professional stringer.

    Don't forget tape on the fingers. multiple days with multiple racquets you learn real quick where to put tape to keep string from cutting into your fingers. I have calluses built up from normal stringing, but they cant hold up in a tournament setting.
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    Work up the ladder to become professional stringer.

    I am curious what our Tournament will look like this year under the new rules. We are dropping from a 25k to a 15k. I assume my racquet count drops significantly. I did a total of 204 racquets this past year at the tournament. My first day I didn't get out until 230 in the morning. I was lucky...