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    How to be a university coach without being American

    Start by working with your current coach. Try to get on as a volunteer assistant for a year. They can then refer you to other coaches as a volunteer assistant while you are working on your masters. We have/had a kid from Belgium doing this. After graduation he started his first year of grad...
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    How to be a university coach without being American

    Need to get your Master Degree. I know several players that want to get coaching positions. All have told me that they have to finish their masters.
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    Frame Compression from stringing

    Not saying it doesn't happen, but I have never seen someone pull out a tape measure and measure a racquet after stringing. At any level of stringing from beginner to stringing room at a pro tournament I have never seen it.
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    Natural gut inventory

    I would think this all depends on your area. I keep one set , but only string 1 or 2 local racquets a year with gut in a hybrid. I know some guys in other areas that string gut all the time.
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    Frame Compression from stringing

    I would say that most pro stringers just string the way the player wants, and do not worry about hoop compression.
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    Your height vs. the height of your machine stand base.

    I set mine so that the mounted racquet is roughly the the same height as my elbow
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    Do you guys charge for adding stencil?

    I never stencil. My philosophy is if a player wants a stencil they can buy one and add it themselves, or if a company wants me to advertise for them they can sponsor me.
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    Guys only: best legs and other best female issues

    I have never seen any results for her past 2016. She played juniors for around 4 years, but never seen anything after that. Made a couple semis, but never had real good results. Not sure it really matters though. Brooke Swallow keeps getting posted and she never played past high school. Seems...
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    Team Black Bear Tennis is official!

    Was contacted this weekend, and they are still running strong. If you need to contact them contact instead of going through the website.
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    Team Black Bear Tennis is official!

    Has anyone heard from or ordered from Black Bear recently? I been trying to contact them for a couple of weeks. Afraid to order if they are done for, but need a couple reels.
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    Penta Premium 3600 + Wise 2086....from the UK, worth the risk?

    I think that after you add around $100 shipping, $45 import tax, and $10 currency conversion fee you would better off finding a better machine in the US for a few dollars more.
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    Team Black Bear Tennis is official!

    When do you think you will have 1.19 gauge back in stock.
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    Yonex grommet design.

    I call shank.
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    Gamma Progression II ELS or Gamma X-Stringer XLT

    Just do your routine maintenance and keep things clean. I do not use the Gamma often (maybe 20 racquets this year so far) but still do a general wipe down with alcohol every time I use it. Take clamp bases off and clean them every 25 racquets or so. Just watch for small parts and springs if you...
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    Gamma Progression II ELS or Gamma X-Stringer XLT

    I have never had a problem with the mounts coming loose.