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    It's now on the Yonex Website! VCORE Pro EMERALD

    Any previsions for a 98 version?
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    Would service speed increase if you lost fat, gained muscle, and overall lost weight

    I am somewhat obese... Like Zoolander stated EVERYTHING improves. And you wont die early and leave a ****ty corpse.
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    Good inner soles (to replace worn out ones)

    For me the Scholl Gel Insoles for Men for Work, are great if you like the extra cushing.
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    Who’s the black haired girl in Nadal’s box?

    Nadalina. Twin sister, very low profile, is existence is unknow to many, as is Nadalão, is older brother.
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    Extending the non-hitting arm towards the ball on the forehand. Does this make you (personally) hit the ball higher over the net?

    It helps my with the balance and to use better the rotation movement. Frankly i play better when i remember to use the left arm.
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    Good level difference video - rec vs. pro

    4.0 player.... right..
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    Launch angle - Yonex Ezone DR 98

    What grip are u using? Eastern? Western?
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    Best hard court shoes on the market?

    That is the only place my shoes start to fall apart. Might have to take a closer look.
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    Best hard court shoes on the market?

    I have two pairs. A size 43 and a size 45...:)
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    Best hard court shoes on the market?

    Feet are like genitals, everyone has them in the same place, and they are all different. So for me: Support, comfort, grip, and now a price in Europe around 70€
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    Handle squeaky sound

    Well, removed overgrip an grip, could n t see any crack in the pallets, the butt capp was firmly secured, glued and stapled, so i didn't remove it to see if there was any crack in the edges. Replaced the original grip with a leather one, tried to make it as tight as possible, and for now the...
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    Handle squeaky sound

    Thanks. If the crack is in the pallet it must be at the bottom since its the only place were if i press the sound appears. Sorry, what is a hairpin? I´ll remove the over grip, and grip tomorrow and try to see were the issue is. To me honest, what might come my way will be deserved, i should...
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    Handle squeaky sound

    Hello My Ezone 98 makes a strange sound when i press on the handle or shake it real hard, at the base, like a squeaky or "crunchy" sound. It doest make that sound when in game or hitting normally, just when i squeeze the handle, but its driving me crazy. For what i´ve read so far its unlike...
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    RIP Tourna Tac grips.. what to use now?

    Exact same problem with the Tourna Tac grips, specially the durability. Like you said , after 30 min stars to fall apart At the time i´m using Gamma Supreme, very tacky but not very thin.