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    Cant stand Florian Mayer's serve/forehand

    we all know that Florian Mayer is a very crafty and sort of unorthodox type of player but oh by I can't stand his forehand, it looks horrible this huge wind up im so surprised he is hitting the ball well with this huge ugly preparation. His serve doesnt look nearly as bad but still looks...
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    gonzalez replacement grip

    100% synthetic wilson perforated or something like that grip size #3
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    Darren Cahill Talking On Equipment

    He also mentioned that novak was using synthetic up until AO this year which is hard to believe, I thought William sisters were the only pros that actually used synthetic gut, i dont know if they still do or not
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    Will someone get Jankovic some new overgrips?

    Why is her overgrip so dirty? Its almost black its kinda gross actually
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    Does Safin use Leather grip on his prestige?

    I am so confused whether I should use leather or synthetic, they both have their own plus and minuses. You think safin has any weight on his butt cap or on his pallet?
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    Does Safin use Leather grip on his prestige?

    I can feel the difference in power for sure, i hit a heavier with leather than synthetic i guess this is because there are more mass added to the racquet. I also noticed that my shots can be more stable but not as flexible as synthetic this is also because leather grips are usually thicker...
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    Does Safin use Leather grip on his prestige?

    ok cool thanks alot You think leather and synthetic makes big difference?
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    Alize Cornet

    sorry more like an alien
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    Alize Cornet

    her nose looks really wierd, she looks like a pig
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    Odesnik's Babolat?

    So is it 27 or 27.5?
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    Does Safin use Leather grip on his prestige?

    Does anyone know if safin uses leather grip or synthetic?
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    Tsonga using k factor blade 98?

    How come TW listed Tsonga using 98 blade? I know he never really used k factor tour anyways is he actually swtiching to a bigger frame cause he started sucking after all?
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    Haas's frame

    Yeah other people are saying the same thing that the closest thing to haas's real frame is tfight 335 anyways thanks all of you for your replies
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    Haas's frame

    i meant the pj of 200
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    Haas's frame

    why do you think dunlop have haas using 300 instead of 200 when its obvious that string pattern is not the same? Is this because berdych and blake are using 200 and only robredo is using 300? shame man