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    Mouratoglou Tennis Academy - Adult Tennis Camps

    Thinking of going to the Moutatoglou tennis facility for a tennis camp in the spring. Has anyone been there? If so, did you enjoy it?
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    semi western grip and wrist pain

    Have you tried playing with a less-stiff frame? Or tried a different string? Using multifilament strings or a multi/soft poly hybrid at a lower tension made a difference for me.
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    Life Span of a racquet?

    How do you know when a racquet needs to be replaced? Does their playability change with time? My Wilson Ultras are about 3 years old. I have 3 that I use in rotation and restring at least once/ month. The grommets are fine. I’m a 4.5 player who’s working on hitting bigger tempo on my groundstrokes.
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    Advice on best format for quick matches

    Those if you who have run tournaments, which match format can generally be played in an hour or less: 1. best 2 out of 3 short sets (starting at 2 games all) or 2. best 2 out of three regular sets, with no ad and a 10 point tie breaker in lieu of a third set or 3. ??? I’m running a small...
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    Federer keeps surprising

    Yes quite amazing! Fed’s not one of the players who’s all taped up or limping around on court.
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    Armfriendly racket?

    Tried the Technifibre Fight XTC 295? It’s a lighter version of a player’s racquet. I’ve found it to be very arm friendly. Currently stringing it with multifilament - NRG or XCel.
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    Touch Tennis

    Way more fun than PB. Have started it here in Canada to get us through long cold winter.
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    Pickleball Nation

    Yes it’s true - however many are discovering that bringing the two games together on the same courts seems to lead to endless conflict. Consequently, more are choosing to locate PB courts elsewhere.
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    Pickleball Nation

    Surprised that so few people have taken to touchtennis - which I think is superior to PB. Ball bounces higher and is quieter (i.e. you don’t have a 3-Advil headache after listening to the Popping sound). There is a myth out there that you can’t get injured playing PB. I’ve heard of lots os...
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    Dispute with pickleball guys - was I wrong

    So hard to fathom what happened in this video - looks pretty outrageous. Find that many users of public courts, and that includes tennis players, have no concept of proper etiquette (i.e. not walking behind a court when play is in progress, not closing the gate after entering or exiting a...
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    Why did you choose your racquet?

    I tried the demo route, but found that most of the shops around here string with poly and at higher tensions than I would normally use, so playtesting turned out to be a dead end for me. Recently bought a Technifibre TFight 295 based on specs alone (stiffnes, overall weight, swing weight...
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    Why pickleball and not touchtennis/red ball tennis, etc

    Sounds like it is worth trying. Thanks!
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    Why pickleball and not touchtennis/red ball tennis, etc

    Looks like fun. Don’t you need a screened enclosure for the court? All we have is a school gym - and I prefer using a racquet rather than a paddle for skill development.
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    Why pickleball and not touchtennis/red ball tennis, etc

    Good to see that the sport is growing. I too have just introduced touch tennis in my town in Canada. Here we have long winters and no indoor courts so touchtennis a great alternative to not playing (or playing PB, which is, as someone said is “cute,” but is pretty limiting if you are a decent...
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    My Pure Drive is killing my Arm!

    Try the Technifibre Tfight 295. Very arm friendly. Specs place it between a player racquet and some of the lighter rec frames in terms of flex, stiffness and swing weight.