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    Closest current equivalent to James Blake?

    Probably Shapovalov? Big forehand, one-handed backhand, but a ballbasher with no plan-B
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    Watch Nadal for 2nd time get YE#1 and lose ITF Player of Year award to Djokovic

    No, because this time Rafa had the most consistent slam results
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    How has Nadal passed Sampras?

    3 years--2017,2018,2019 2015-2016 he was injured :(
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    Decade of the 2010's is almost over. A look back at domination of Djokovic and Big3 of tennis.

    who cares who dominated what decade; it's all arbitrary numbers
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    Rafa's grunt length: Did I imagine this?

    It's no secret that 'Dal and Djok' extend their grunts during key pressure moments, even delay their grunts so they reach right when the ball reaches the opponent's side I did a thread showing multiple instances of this, but it got deleted
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    Remember: 4 sets in 6 tries, +15 years

    2004-2008 don't count as real hardcourt slam titles. He was beating up on injury-prone headcases and babies
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    So Nadal is planning to play Laver Cup, WTF, Davis Cup and ATP Cup

    " ay wil trai mai bess , noh ?"
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    Connors won 3 hard court slams. USO was on grass and clay until the mid 70s
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    Is Grigor Dimitrov good looking?

    This is a good picture of the genetic history of Europe (although there are some guesstimations in how each peoples looked, it is close enough with the genetic reconstructions that we've accomplished within the last decade) The "basal" groups are WHG (western hunter gatherer), ENF (early...
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    Djokovic's Final Slam Count

    1 more Wimby perhaps 1 more RG it'll have to happen next year that's it
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    Roof at Roland-Garros next year...

    no Toni will adjust his weather machine for 35C during semis and final BAMANOS
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    Djokovic vs Borg - Who is the better grass court player?

    There's not really a point in comparing them; completely different circumstances. Sure Borg won 5 in a much shorter time, but he also quit after he lost to his biggest rival at a young age There was also a bunch of grass courters then, but Djokovic beat Fedal multiple times on the surface
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    Kim Clijsters is coming back! Again!

    I could see her winning the Grand Slam in this weak field
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    Nadal News 2.0

    Xisca looks extra Moorish there