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    Shouldn't we be further along in instruction?

    A true beginner class won’t teach you how to move... It’s very basic stuff. Lot of time on what grip to use, real basic swing patterns/thoughts, racquet face awareness, etc. Basically just getting folks comfortable with how to hold the racquet, make decent contact and get the ball over the...
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    We are screwed ... the Pickleballers are coming

    Pickleball is coming and it’s going to seriously rival the popularity of tennis here in the US. Not as a professional sport, but as a recreational sport. I’m not happy about it either, but it’s a virus that is spreading quickly. Here in Cincinnati they’ve beven building pickleball courts like...
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    Shouldn't we be further along in instruction?

    Four hour long lessons… especially in a group setting is hardly any instruction or time on the court as a beginner. Beginners need a lot more time focused on really basic stuff than players that have established correct strokes. Group lessons for beginners are better as introductions to the...
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    Similar rackets to Head Graphene 360+ Gravity Pro

    Speed Pro 360+ is going to be one of the closest options. Just enough lighter but still forgiving. You’ll find a little more power and similar levels of spin, although spin comes a little easier the the Gravity Pro.
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    Odd league scene tonight...thoughts?

    You have to recenter yourself and/or your partner. The best or easiest way is to bring them back to reality and minimize their frustrations. Go over the score with them and reiterate the positives of your play or the points you've been winning as a team. Remind them of what they are doing...
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    Recommended Racket for Aggressive Baseliner (Advanced)

    Speed Pro 360+ should be a consideration if you're looking for a great modern day frame with control and a decent amount of pop... especially if you're a baseline basher.
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    Blade V8 Official Thread.

    The Blade and Pro Staff lines have the same quality of paint. Compared to the other major mfg's I think Wilson's chip/scratch the easiest. The new glossy paint on the blade v8 is better than the velvet paint from the v7 which chips off in chunks. Both the current PS and Blade V8 to me are...
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    New theory: doing drills is pointless above 3.5

    Does a musician not practice? Do you ever hear any musician say to get better I only play concerts? No they are painful about practice... practice and drills will always get you more. A player that practices a lot IMO has a much higher ceiling and better chance to improve and win matches than...
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    Name me your Top 3 Spin/Power racquets

    If you want power and spin... Pure Aero Extreme MP Wilson Clash 100
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    Blade V8 Official Thread.

    If you like a whippy racquet then you'll more likely enjoy the v8, but it's not going to overpower your opponent. There is a little free power, not a lot. I think it lacks a little in weight of shot unless you really catch it right. It's great in stock form, but if you do hit with someone...
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    Blade V8 Official Thread.

    I can't comment on the v7 Blade comparison as I've never hit with it... only tried the V6 countervail. Like you experienced... I can generate crazy amounts of spin with the v8 and it's the number one surprise for me. On serves, volleys or groundies you can generate a lot of topspin or slice...
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    Less Spin with 4 1/2 Grip Size

    A smaller grip will make it a little easier to generate spin. It's easier to pronate on serves and provide and to create whip for topspin on ground strokes. It shouldn't make a huge difference, but you may find that it certainly feels easier to accomplish those things than with a larger grip.
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    Cheat Stick

    Babolat Pure Aero, current version. If your arm can handle it the Pure Drive is up there as well.
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    Head 360+ Graphene Prestige MP vs Speed 360+ Graphene Pro.....

    I thought it did, but it really depends a bit on what your comfortable with form a static and swingweight perspective. Blade Pro to me was a bit like the Gravity Pro in that it was just a touch too heavy for my liking. My younger self would've been okay with it. It's just a personal thing on...
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    Racquet Change Advice.

    Speed Pro 360+, Gravity Pro, Diadem Elevate 98 Tour are all options that are close in spec, but a little lighter. Speed Pro is right at 310g with same swing weight. All are very good...