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    Google has reached quantum supremacy

    But will it run in sublinear time?
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    Google has reached quantum supremacy

    As much as this story will be marketed and pushed as a massive leap forward in the quantum computing domain, the researchers I've spoken to about it have very dampened expectations. The difficulty with making quantum computing tractable is the very limited scope in which a quantum computer is...
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    Collins strings and racquet?

    100% agreed, that was why I pointed out the 2 piece grommet channel, plus the throat insert. I worked in a stringing shop in 2014-2016 when the GRMP was the "new radical" on the block and they were selling a lot, so I recognized it. No misunderstandings needed :)
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    Collins strings and racquet?

    Yonex is the stringing sponsor for the AO as far as I know. (Got messages out to *sources* to confirm) Definitely an old radical MP which you can tell by the 2-piece grommet strip around crosses 13-14 in the above photo #4 Edit: sources confirm, it's just a Yonex stringing room sticker that...
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    Nike Vapor X

    HYPE colourway!!! Will buy 100%. Sent from my Moto G (5) using Tapatalk
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    Favorite Tennis Podcasts

    I just started listening to this one, made by a friend and old teammate. Some good pro match discussion and tennis interest stories so far.
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    The Brotherhood of the Traveling Radical

    You'd be surprised what middle aged hackers are following on the Gram. :D I was talking to a few mid-40s members of my club last month when they brought out the smartphones to discuss prominent WTA instagram-only "tennis players".
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    2018 Basel - ATP 500

    Looking forward to being at the tournament tomorrow. Likely viewing: Zverev, Tsitsipas, RBA's first round matches. :):) Also eager for a Fed/Millman R2 rematch.
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    Lahyani Supended

    So many genius replies in this thread. Laughing really hard.
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    US Open 2018 R2. Andy "Muzziah" Murray vs Fernando "Fiasco" Verdasco

    So far, I think # of momentum swings > 19.5 is the winning answer. (pat self on back)
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    I like the tie dye.

    Throwback to Agassi. Envoyé de mon Moto G (5) en utilisant Tapatalk
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    Which Strings do you guys think should be a must for a Pro Shop ?

    Would you though? If someone knows exactly what they want, it's very likely they are bringing their own string in my experience. And if that's in high enough demand for MANY players, I will work with them to make it available in store. And if someone DOESN'T know what they want, I provide ten...
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    Which Strings do you guys think should be a must for a Pro Shop ?

    I have always believed in doing only a few things in ones business, but doing them incredibly well. On this particular topic, I recall stringing in a local tennis shop for 2 years as a part time job, and experiencing first hand the difficulties of carrying too much. When a regular club player...
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    Nike Vapor X

    I've been using the Vx for the past 3 weeks of play on clay only, while I'm on my last pair of V9.5s for hard court. No issues at all with the X. They feel and fit great, even going with the same size as the 9.5s. I actually like the feel of the tongue better on the X, it's thicker and more...
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    Are these tennis socks?

    great thread would read again +1