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    Why didnt Wimbledum close the roof sooner?

    Wimbledon is an outdoor tournament and it will remain that way till the obvious happens. /thread
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    Murray Underarmour shoes for Wimbledon

    UA's remit is to provide a highly bespoke solution to Murray, so if Murray said he likes the soles of B8 then that is what they will provide him. If you look at the press quotes, it's pretty clear Murray has had a lot of input with the shoes. If they ever have a retail product, be sure it will...
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    Andy Murray Wimbledon 2015 Under Armour outfit

    "I have had some great wins this year. I've trained hard and as a result, I’m playing some of my best tennis. I’ve worked closely with Under Armour on my kit and new footwear so I’m heading into Wimbledon feeling prepared and with a lot of confidence."
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    Will Andy get a haircut before the start of Wimbledon

    ^ Look and judge by the length of the locks behind his ears. Murray's current hair is shorter than USO 2012 but longer than Olympics 2012/Wimbledon 2013.
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    A question for Murray fans

    Surely he knew and expected that at the Olympics? And even if he didn't, he would have used that partisan experience at the following year at Wimbledon? :confused:
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    A question for Murray fans

    A fully resounding - YES Murray needs to turn around this h2h deficit vs Djokovic. The last time he won vs Djokovic was pre-back surgery in the Wimbledon 2013 final. 2014 their rivalry was plagued by Murray physically. 2015 their rivalry is played by Murray mentally. If Murray is going to...
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    Will Andy get a haircut before the start of Wimbledon

    I was thinking the same. If he was to get a haircut around this period, it would usually be before Queen's. And possibly he believes his form is superstitious to his outfit/facial hair/hair etc so might just keep it. On this occasion after much deliberation, I believe he will NOT have a...
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    Djokovic skipping Queens

    How many years has it been since he played Queens? This hasn't effected him winning Wimbledon in the past....
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    John Inverdale fired from Wimbledon

    He's not fired. He's still part of the commentary team. Read the BBC press release in full
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    Wawrinka or Murray: who wins the next slam?

    Quick and easy question. Who wins the next slam out of Sir Andrew Barron Murray or Stan the Man Wawrinka? One would be quick to presume Murray would (and I would agree), but what stops him destroying Murray like he did Djokovic...
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    Djokorray has just been initiated

    Before Djokovic who has tried so hard to win RG would be the epic win from Murray. Especially when he has lost the last half a dozen matches against him too
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    Murray is more aggresive than Djokovic right now!

    He had a lapse in concentration then went onto win the last set 6-1. Defensive?
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    I'm a professional tennis player. Ask me anything!

    Welcome Jason, very kind of you you to donate your time. This post is reserved till I think of a good question
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    Are you a real Andy Murray fan?

    Really? That is reassuring to hear! Never liked sport on ITV. They have a hundred useless channels, they could easily put both matches on TV.