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    Match play at full potential

    Best advice you will get on this subjct. Just try to enjoy every point.
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    pro stock racquets question?

    I was also under the impression that pro stock frames are much different than what you can get at TW until I played with the TGK238.1 and the retail version side by side with the exact same string job. Noticed no difference. It's the work you put in, not the racquet that determines your level...
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    Don't talk to aliens - Stephen Hawking

    The aliens in the Calvin & Hobbes comic would not be able to communicate withe the humans via speaker if they sucked up all the air. Silly Calvin :)
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    Any racquets closest to the specs OR feel of an i.prestige mid?

    I'd like to bump this thread - interested as well. My racquets are unfortunately cracking and will need to be replaced. Anyone?
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    Best 'Epic Fail' or similar pics.

    IQ fail
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    Best 'Epic Fail' or similar pics.

    Career choice fail
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    Microgel Prestige Mid Review. (Photos included)

    Hey guys! Nice to see so many of you appreciate one of the best line of racquets ever made. I have played with all of the prestige models and the one that works best for me is definitely the i.prestige. Unfortunatelly, they were discontinued and I have been trying to find a similar feeling...
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    Something different

    Hi, My friend was asked to design a new clothing line for a casual clothing brand. Please help him decide how to name it. Options are: - suntoucher - crank - manifesto - pebble riot - ignited nation
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    Need Shoes that Last

    The Yonex SHT 305s are also a durable shoe. Very stable too.
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    Best Version of Head's 630 Frame??

    I really liked the i.Prestige MP. Excellent frame with a crisp feel. The latter editions were not as responsive and comfortable to play with.
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    Did any female pro ever play with the Prestige Classic?

    Her prince frame is custom made and it is much heavier than stock. But she did use a pc 600 when she was learning to play.