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    AO 2018 WOMEN'S FINAL: (1) Simona Halep vs (2) C. Wozniacki

    Wonderful result. I've been thrilled by slam winners before, but I don't I've ever felt so pleased for one, well done Woz you've finally made it.
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    2017 ATP World Tour Finals RR - Zed (3) vs Fed (5)

    If this was a game of Mario Tennis on the N64, it would be Waluigi vs Boo.
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    Shanghai Final Federer v Nadal

    Stevie Wonder could have told you that backhand return was sailing out wide, and Rafa still wasn't taking any chances :p:D
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    Shanghai Final Federer v Nadal

    Roger looks cranky.
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    What is your earliest recollection of tennis?

    Cliff Richard entertaining the crowd at WImbledon in 1996...
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    USO Final [1] Nadal vs. [28] Anderson

    Lol, harsh but funny.
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    Time for womens tennis to have Bo5 final.

    It needs to be all rounds best of 5 or not at all. A maximum of 8 ladies can reach a grand slam final, there's literally no incentive for the majority of the players to train for 5 set matches when there's so little chance that they'd need to. You'd end up with 2 exhausted players double...
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    Men's Semi - If Fedal, what time?

    I'd say it depends on whether Querrey makes the semi finals, which would be the first for an American male in 11 years.
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    2017 Montreal Final - [2] Roger Federer vs [4] Alexander Zverev

    I stink as badly as Federer's backhand right now, do I risk going for a shower in the hope that this goes to three sets?
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    The "Give a compliment to Tomic" thread

    His chin could rival that of Matt Smith/Doctor Who.
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    Worst slam final performance ever

    Federer himself gave a worse performance in a slam final a little over 9 years ago...
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    2017 Wimbledon Men's Final: [3] Roger Federer (SUI) vs. [7] Marin Cilic (HR)

    Those kids are bored out of their minds :D
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    2017 Wimbledon Men's Final: [3] Roger Federer (SUI) vs. [7] Marin Cilic (HR)

    My sister suffers from anxiety attacks, and although I'm no doctor what Cilic was going through on that changeover looked familiar.
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    2017 Wimbledon Men's Final: [3] Roger Federer (SUI) vs. [7] Marin Cilic (HR)

    Cilic shaking so much that he's making me nervous.