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    Federer getting ready for second career as a pop sensation

    I'm glad he's branching out from Lindt adverts, I was worried he was going to end up like -
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    Gee, I Wonder if Rafa can still.NEVERMIND

    This Nadal fellow is rather good, the next Coria?
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    Rafa or Fed, who is greater at the US Open?

    Federer's dominance of the US Open was so great that when he was beaten it was not only a huge shock, but the trophy has since been cursed to never be won in consecutive years by the same player. The title of "Men's US Open Singles Champion" has taken on the same meaning as the title of...
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    BO5 matches that were so good, they should have gone 5

    Djokovic Dimitrov at Wimbledon 2014.
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    Winning a slam after losing in the first round the year before

    Steffi Graf won Wimbledon in 1993, lost in the first round in 1994, and then came back to win it again in 1995.
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    Choker of the decade?

    Please don't.
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    Is this the worst 5 set final of all time?

    The US Open final between Murray and Djokovic in 2012 was the dullest I've seen. It was especially disappointing when you consider their semifinal in Australia earlier that year was so thrilling.
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    US Open 2020 final - Dominic Thiem[2] vs Alexander Zverev [5]

    I think a lot of you are wearing rose tinted spectacles when comparing this final with previous finals. Great finals are about drama more than anything else and this had it in spades. Even the hallowed Wimbledon 2008 and Australian Open 2012 finals were riddled with errors and chokes. Everyone...
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    Margaret Court will remain the woman with most majors

    Personally I think she will break it. There's bound to be a tournament where everything will fall into place for her in the next year or so.
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    Margaret Court will remain the woman with most majors

    She really will and it won't just be because of how many majors she's won (or may go on to win), it'll be because she had the ability to take extended breaks from tennis when dominating, and then immediately pick up where she left off on her return. Even times where she wasn't ranked number 1...
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    Andy Murray is the moral US Open Champion

    Like the British Labour Party last December, he didn't win the most points but he did win the argument. Or something.
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    Thiem has out weight on

    He's put it on in the right places ಠ‿ಠ
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    Has your mind changed about the Novak DQ?

    Every tennis player gets angry at some point, not every tennis player directs their anger at ground level where they might hurt others. It's a habit of his and it's finally caught up with him, that really is it.