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    Should Andy Murray retire?

    I've seen happier looking St Bernards than Murray.
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    Which generation was weaker, Djokodal's or Federer's?

    'I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but the cockroaches will still be arguing about weak eras in tennis.' - Albert Einstein
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    Which generation was weaker, Djokodal's or Federer's?

    The second half of 2016 until Wimbledon 2018 was a dramatic decline in form for Novak.
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    Who thinks the ATP World Tour Finals should have stayed in London?

    I haven't been to the WTF when it was elsewhere, but when I went to the O2 Arena in 2014 it was a phenomenal experience. I hope it comes back one day.
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    Which generation was weaker, Djokodal's or Federer's?

    When Federer declined there was a talented bunch of youngsters ready to overtake him. When Djokovic declined... the old guys came back and dominated for 18 months.
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    Beating Novak at WTF

    He's probably exhausted by November. He's going deep in every tournament he plays all season long, he's not 24 anymore.
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    Novak's victories hurt a lot, didn't they?

    I wish Djokovic every success, he's had a phenomenal run that shows no signs of slowing down. Don't think because I'm a Federer fan that I'm in any way biased against Djokovic, I'd be celebrating Federer's 30+ majors and 400+ weeks at number 1 that he would have picked up against this level of...
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    Djokovic serve. Equal best ever?

    The Djokovic serve is fantastic. In facts it's phenomenal. The Sampras serve however is the very thing that will keep people talking about Sampras in generations to come. Like McEnroe's volley or Borg's ice cool temperament, the Sampras serve is iconic. For that reason the Djokovic serve for...
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    2021 AO Men's Final: [1] Novak Djokovic (SRB) vs [4] Daniil Medvedev (RUS)

    Hawkeye to break down, a lines person who looks suspiciously like Roger Federer with a moustache to call every Djokovic serve out on match points, Medvedev in 5.
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    Is currently Medvedev level hogher than all of Murray's past Aus open campaigns?

    I can't remember Murray in 2013 but he was scary good in the run up to the 2010 AO Final.
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    But, but I thought 04-07 was the weak era??

    When Federer's wheels started to fall off in 2008 there was a next gen ready and waiting to overtake him, and the previous generation had long been beaten into retirement by him and his peers. When Djokovic's wheels fell off at the end of 2016... the previous generation dominated the sport for...
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    But, but I thought 04-07 was the weak era??

    I sleep easier at night.