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    sleeves up!

    shirts are removable.
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    How to practice serves? I'm somewhat limited in resources..

    not really the most important comment to add, but do yourself a favor and try to find a court where the balls can't go through the fence... and if they can, try to find one where there aren't a bunch of thorny blackberry bushes right on the other side.
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    Ankle pain?

    Just for the sake of responding, it doesn't sound very serious at all - for your instep, it could just be chafing of the shoe, but that area is easily stretched out by just putting your toenails on the floor and leaning. The dull pain in your ankle is a bit too vague for me to offer any comments on.
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    if you have tennis elbow, should it hurt while playing tennis?

    Does it hurt after you play? All the tendonitis injuries I've had seemed to dissipate as I started to play too, but afterwards it was crippling - maybe it was just adrenaline. Anyways, if it's mild it'll usually go away as you warm up, but you should probably take some preventative measures.
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    stoke criticizer

    you can't really get better unless you admit you dont know much, which these armchair coaches can't. just ignore them, they'll only suck you into their whirlpool of <fecal matter>.
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    How to hit a proper topspin forehand?

    locking your elbow is a great way to rip up your shoulder and hit the ball out of bounds at the same time.
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    Eye on Ball While Volleying

    you will only get that kind of time if you have them completely on the defensive (if you hit a splendid shot before), or if they look away at something before hitting the ball and not notice you at the net. if you only come to the net in these situations then why not, but if you come in more...
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    Help Me Gain 20lbs!

    if you don't care what kind of weight, lard is always an option - aside from that, is there any reason you want to gain weight other than to have a larger number when you step on a scale?
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    which is better, 1hbh or 2hbh

    i like 1-hand for the reach, angles and most importantly, style. There's no problem hitting "high" balls if you move in and take them before they get that high anyways.
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    How do you get muscular calves?

    the way your calf is defined is also partly based on the length of your achilles tendon (i.e. where the bottom of your calf "starts") - slightly higher up does look better in most people's eyes. aside from calf raises, skipping is never a bad idea, nor are any high intensity jumping exercises...
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    1HBH for a right-handed: which leg in front when hitting?

    move to front = ???? does it mean which leg you move first? (for me, left) or does it mean which leg do you step with before finally swinging? (for me, right) edit: nevermind, you probably mean the last step before hitting, so your right leg would be the one; unless of course you enjoy hitting...
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    How much running do you guys do to stay fit?

    i do semi-regular interval to keep the speed/explosiveness i got from 3 summers of plyometrics training - and to add on the skipping rope stuff, if you want to make it slightly more difficult you can always do 1 leg at a time or make every skip a double skip. i suppose its the same idea as...
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    Hard time rallying with my friend. Footwork problems?

    generally the one thing stopping newer players from sustaining a rally is positioning/footwork, hitting a shot while moving backwards never turns out well, or trying to short-hop a ball when they never practice that also tends to be problematic. with footwork comes early preparation of the...
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    Yapping like agassi chasing dropshots.

    i enjoy making comical sounds as i get those types of shots, relaxes me more than anything
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    Your overgrip colour?

    pee yellow or orange