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    Long sleeved sun shirts during summer

    I prefer 3/4 sleeve shirts (like for baseball) and is usually what I start the 1st set with to then change to regular sleeve tshirt or even sleeveless for the 3d set. Full long sleves are usually too tight on the wrist and feel warmer, I have cut the sleeves right after the cuff and it also...
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    Softer hybrid than FireWire Boost?

    Proline Evolution is one to give it a try, it is softer on its feel than Black Knight, has better tension maintenance than PTP and works well as a cross with a shaped main too.
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    Softer hybrid than FireWire Boost?

    Have you considered using syn.gut as crosses instead of Ghostwire? I have been using on my main frame (PK 5G) Gosen OGSM in 18g with Firewire 18g on the mains for the last couple of months with great results. I have strung 10+ frames with that setup for others too, I have a reel of Firewire...
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    4.0 player looking for the best Hybrid string combo Spin and Comfort

    What frame and string pattern? What is your style of play or favorite shots? (Flat, slice, top spin, baseline, all court, net & doubles) What is the current string setup? What would you like to improve from the current?
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    String recommendations for cx200 tour 18x20?

    Have you considered using a thinner gage of the same string? With a dense string pattern, using a thinner gage will help with comfort and makes it feel less like a stiff board.
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    If you re-string only the crosses, how do you handle the old knots?

    I have done this several times, different reasons of why, but you can snip/cut the old knot without damage to the main where it is tied off. It has never been an issue.
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    Does cross string Gauge affect spin?

    Syn gut is very affordable, try a few packs of different stuff before buying a reel. I have tried the major brands availables and while many are good, I have come to like Gosen (in natural) over them all. I have played mainly with poly/s.gut hybrids, and OGSM has a playability that is very...
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    What city/state do you string in?

    Houston, TX. I learned with my dad who bought the stringer machine 15+ years ago when my younger brother was playing thru HS and was a string breaker. We string for a few 3.0 to 4.0 guys who play recreational and leagues as well, a couple of frames a week.
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    best budget syn-gut?

    Over the years I have tried many of the major brands and widely available s.gut strings, and I preffer Gosen in natural color. I have gone thru a reel of 16g, several packs of 17g and for the last year (currently) have been using a reel of 18g. We have about 15+ frames in the family (wife, dad...
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    Favorite round poly cross in a hybrid?

    KB Proline2 or Evolution are good strings thay can be used as a slick cross to a shapped main, they both will feel more elastic and will return more power back than TO Ghostwire which will be very soft at impact and holds tension longer, all great options. I would recomend to not go much thinner...
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    Cyclone is too sharp

    The weak link in the stringbed is the multi, replace it by syn.gut (it has an outer coating that protects the multifilaments surrounding the solid core) and you will find similar comfort and performance but longer lifespam. If you must insist in "multifilament" then TF Multifeel would be a...
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    Cyclone is too sharp

    The idea behind hybrid strinjobs is to reduce the string-to-string friction, this prolongs the lifespam of the stringbed because the main rough/texturized/shapped string slides over the smooth cross and in theory allows for bigger spin potential if you can swing well enough to generate it. It...
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    Cyclone is too sharp

    @VacationTennis try using as cross a syn.gut that has a mono-core like Gosen or Prince, it will flatten out and wear thin rather than the quick fraying of the multifilaments in Velocity.
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    Tier One Ghostwire

    I have used GW 17g & 19g, it works very well with flat shots & volleys because even tho the string is soft on impact it is not very elastic and gives you little power back to prevent balls from sailing long. I would not tension it very high (but I dont have a monster swing with a crazy rhs) I...
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    My favorite string manufacturer, I have strung many frames with them and the feedback is always positive. The tension maintenance is very good and they are comfortable strings. Currently I have strung: PK 5G w/ PL2 1.15 APD+ w/ PL2 1.20 Rough AStorm w/ PL Evolution 1.25 PStorm w/ Spiky Shark 1.25