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    how do people decide between 1hbh and 2hbh?

    Toss a coin
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    how do people decide between 1hbh and 2hbh?

    Yeah, you'd think this would likely be the next progression for the game, but you could also argue that if it was going to happen at the top level, it would've by now. The 2 hander has been around for 40 odd years? It may take a number of players doing it for it to take off. I mean Borg's 2...
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    Approach shot vs the actual volley: which does the most work for you?

    I would say sometimes option A and sometimes B, for me. Obviously, ideally you would do both well, although of course if the approach shot is good, you aren't normally forced into the "goalkeeper like court coverage". I think the subsequent coverage of the net after the approach, is related to...
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    what were the things that helped you the most for getting good at tennis?

    If you're gonna sacrifice a whole year, you may as well just start playing left handed!
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    what were the things that helped you the most for getting good at tennis?

    Trial and error, non stop tinkering and experimentation. NB this can be your undoing as well, but done in a logical fashion it will result in improvement. Youtube (online coaches - Tomas Mercinger etc), talk tennis (tips/instruction), talking to high level players (about both tactics and...
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    Continental grip forehand pros and cons

    I've noticed when I'm trying to hit heavy topspin with the conti grip that, manipulating the butt of the racquet in my palm using my fingers can assist greatly with generating topspin. I was doing this without realising it.
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    What's your plan to finish the point?

    Tee off as soon as possible. If it doesn't go for a winner, then follow it to the net.
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    The French Flair Backhand Finish.

    Sorry, no videos. But I like the shot and think you obviously need both in the repertoire.
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    Continental grip forehand pros and cons

    Yeah, I know an ex pro who said the pros are starting to hit flatter more often. I think someone will come along with devastating flat groundies and change the way the game is played.
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    Continental grip forehand pros and cons

    I think you make some good points about the surfaces and the fact that more topspin on your shots than the stock continental grip fh offers seems to be the higher percentage play, certainly as far as making the shot goes. I just think that if someone can find a way to consistently hit flat...
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    Continental grip forehand pros and cons

    I've only just started hitting it, so no footage as yet. I got the idea off a coach that I used to work for. He passed away this year, he told me that was what he did. (and watching him it looked like the conti ww combo) He got to the 600 bracket in singles in the world, back in the 80s I think...
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    Continental grip forehand pros and cons

    I have been experimenting with an aggressive continental grip forehand when I get caught with the grip, especially on the return of serve. I hit a hybrid, where my follow through is the modern day windscreen wiper. I find this grip allows me to rebound the pace of the fast 1st serve more easily...
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    Club pro crushing some shots...

    Div 3 college tennis? I thought he'd be div2 at the very least! He looks easily good enough to have a top 1000 ATP ranking!?
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    Tennis rule question: Tennis serve landing on singles sideline beyond service line up to 1 feet

    Kyrgios got done on the deuce court with his right foot for this. From memory the rule's a bit absurd in that it didn't matter that his foot was inside when he pushed off the ground, the fact that it came from a position that constituted a foot fault before he stepped up, was enough to render it...
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    Wanting to quit playing tennis

    Yeah, I think a coach can teach you basic technique as a general rule, but all the improvisations that come up on a regular basis are for the student to work out through trial and error. Most coaches I find don't have a sound knowledge of biomechanical principles, they just regurgitate technical...