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    Federer wore his trousers the wrong way round!!!

    Did anyone else notice that during the Wimbledon trophy ceremony, Federer was wearing his trousers the wrong way round!!!
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    Hyping Roddick

    He beat Federer the last time they played
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    Nadal to retire next year?

    What a thoughtless comment by the original poster, Wayne Rooney or whatever his name is. If he was to watch the Nadal-Blake match, he would see actually how evenly matched both players were, with amazing rallies, and nadal hitting many mind blowing, curling passing shots past blake. REGARDLESS...
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    Stringing machine?

    Question for FEDERER24 :o just wondering, federer24, what was the total price of your klippermate in pounds and have you received it? I am curious as I am also from the UK and was interested in the Klippermate but was not sure about shipping/customs charges. Have you received it and if so what...
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    Am I the only one not impressed by Federer?

    Conclusion To the original poster--- You don't realise how amazingly pro-Federer this board generally is. Which is probably half the reason why most people here dislike Nadal (yes its probably true). No one really doubts Federers brilliance but the COMPETITION is just not the same. no matter...
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    Low tension lowers like myself, why?

    Thanks byealmeans.
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    Video of Berdych Nadal SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER!!!

    wow, Berdych sounds bitter even though he won. He must be wanting to 'prove himself' from the sound of it. The problem I have with players like Berdych is that they come and they go. Nothing 'special' or consistent if you see what I mean. They knock out a top seed one day and then lost to some...
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    With an ncode 95...

    Any ideas anyone??
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    Sticky request: Tennis video clips and matches

    Hi, any chance the federer-nalbandian match could be uploaded somewhere again because it says that the download limit has been reached. Many thanks if possible:D
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    With an ncode 95...

    does this mean as I am playing it will lose 2lbs, or straight away after stringing before I even play with it? Also, I am capable of using a heavier racket but would like to keep the balance of the current one. Would not want to use a racket heavier than about 11.7 0z, for my arm..
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    With an ncode 95...

    Ok. The problem is that it is already at thet kind of tension and I seriously need a lot more power from the racket. That tension seriously feels too too tight. I really need more power. Also, considering the racket is 289g unstrung and about 11.2 ounces strung....
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    With an ncode 95...

    A question for ncode 95 users, do you know?... Hi, I was planning to restring my Wilson ncode team racquet( 289g version). It was previously strung with Wilson Sensation at about 60lbs which is way too tight for me. I was wanting to string at about 54lbs this time round for some more...
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    Low tension lowers like myself, why?

    I was wondering. I have an ncode nPS(the 289g unstrung version on TW). What tension would give these kinds of results with this racket. Say, using Wilson NXT strings.. I would love to try it.
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    Could You Solve This One?

    pleassee cmon, need some responses to my last question. please.:confused:
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    I believe I purchased a FAKE Babolat Pure Drive Team!!! Help

    Hi, I have a LOT of experience with fake racquets, having been cheated a while back. Anyway, I can safely say that that racket is definitely fake. I have seen the Babolat fakes and although they look 'Genuine' when looked at singly, comparing to another pure drive(as you have done ) will...