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    Prince Phantom 97P Review / Discussion

    So I am in love with the prince 97p.. its perfect in every way... I come from the Prince Pro Phantom 18x20/ PS97A.... I have loved the feel of the 18x20 but my biggest erk was the 100 size head just felt so awkward and big... This 97p is the perfect in between of the 93p and the 100s. Also the...
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    Nadal is practically a shadow of his former self-but still finds a way to win

    You guys are BS! Give Nadal his due credit. He is considered the only player on tour who never takes a point off. Not one point. That's why he is in this position. He is mentally stronger than the field right now. Fed and Joker cant match Nadals level absolute dedication on every point. This is...
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    2019 US Open QF: (3) Federer vs Dimitrov

    Anyone have an idea what racket/pattern and string combo dimitrov is using this US open? I know he was fiddling patterns earlier this year, but seems to found his groove again with this stick. The cross strings look gold. Luxilon 4g?
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    FS: Prince Phantom Pro 18x20 4 1/4

    Still available. or DM me. $150 shipped asap
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    Wilson QC Improving?!

    I dont know if anyone else has these problems I have heard of. I have 2 friends who exclusively use the RF97A. Both are 12 to 13 UTR and have shared experiences without knowing each other. Both have told me about how the grips just seem to squeak and break eventually. Right in the middle of...
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    FS: Prince Phantom Pro 18x20 4 1/4

    Item Description: Prince Phantom Pro 100 18x20 Grip Size: 4 1/4 Grip type: leather Quantity: 1 Head Size: 100 Condition: 9 *Specific Time Used: I have 4 of these, this one specific has been used 3 2hr practice sessions. *General Description: Has a Fairway brown leather grip Installed already. I...
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    Do people really think Djokovic was faking the injury?

    It's a real injury, even though it seems fake because it's the left shoulder it's not. I once had this injury. It hurts when you go to toss the ball with left arm. It's like a tweak in the little shoulder muscle/tendon on top. I got it from doing shoulder press. I could barely toss the ball on...
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    Rublev testing Head blackout

    Looks like he is trying the gravity pro 20mm beam?
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    Rublev testing Head blackout

    It's so messed up how Wilson has screwed over the guys that used the six one 95. They should never discontinue that frame. Way too good and way too popular
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    He has the most potential and talent of any player out there. He just gets bored really easy and has no attention span. Constantly wants to find excitement. There is a reason he has beat all the big 3. When he gets his stuff together, he will win slams. When the big 3 retire. People play him and...
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    Gravity Pro VS Phantom 100 (18x20)

    All I know is anything but the phantom pro 18x20 gives me arm problems after a while. The PPP 18x20 is the best stick I have ever hit with. Dont listen to people saying no power or no pop on serves. In fact I hit my fastest serves today for sure with PPP 18x20. All it needs is a leather grip...
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    RF97A All Black Edition Original Black Leather Grip

    Keep with leather. If anything upgrade to the black fairway leather grip. Absolutely phenomenal grips. The RF97A will play like trash with a synthetic grip
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    Favourite hard court balls?

    Penn tour ATP balls are the best. Penn marathon second best. All other balls are trash in every way. Bounce feel and consistency
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    Prince Phantom Pro and Phantom Pro100P

    Dont listen to these comments about the Phantom pro 100 18x20. This stick is the most comfortable stick I have ever hit with. I have come from extreme bicep tendinitis and know within an hour if a frame will cause issues. The PPP 18x20 allows me to play days and days pain free at a 5.0 level and...
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    Signum pro x-perience 17 (1.24mm) *feedback needed*

    Pro signum xperience is by far the best string I have used. The power and comfort is amazing. I have tried almost every relevant shaped poly and this is the most arm friendly. I switched from full beds of hyper g 16l to full beds of xperience. Such a better string. Don't hybrid it, just string...