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    4x Babolat Pure Drive Grip Size 2 for sale

    4 Babolat Pure drives for Sale in the Valencia area of Spain. Item: (Babolat/Pure Drive/2018): Grip Size 2 Quantity: 4 Head Size: 98sq Condition: (8-9 out of 10) Specific Time Used: Were bought Christmas time of 2018 General Description (very little scuffs on the bumper guards. In excellent...
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    5 Wilson Blade Countervail 18x20 For Sale

    Item Description Wilson Blade CounterVail 18x20 Grip Size / Size: Leather Grip 4 3/8 Quantity: 5 Head Size : 98 sq Condition (7.5-8 out of 10): *Specific Time Used : On and off for about 4 months *General Description (including any cosmetic blemishes): Some cosmetic blemishes on 3&9 Price: $85...
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    90 square inch too small for modern game?

    Article about sampras On the bottom there is a link posted about Pete Sampras talking about the modern game and about the evolution of racket technology. One thing I found...
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    Do You Have Multiple SAME Racquets Or DIFFERENT Ones in Rotation?

    Hello, You should be a creature of habit. Buy 2-3 rackets of the same kind and forget it about it. It's always good to rely on good ol Muscle Memory. I personally think it's a disadvantage during match play to use different frames. You lose Muscle Memory if you are using different rackets...
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    Sony Smart Sensor vs Zepp Tennis Sensor

    Hello everyone, I noticed that no one on the forum has really put a comparison thread between these items so I took matters in my own hands. What are the pros and cons of each product? What makes one superior over the other? Comment below and let me know your thoughts. Thank you as...
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    90 square inch too small for modern game?

    It seems we are a bit off topic here. Does Gael Monfils use a 93 square inch racket (I believe I saw that in another post on Talk Tennis)? To the best of my memory Gael and Robin Haase use Mid size rackets. IMO if you can play your best tennis with a small head-size wooden racket or with a Big...
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    Does Wilson or anyone else still make the Smile Emoji Dampeners?

    Hello Talk Tennis Members, Does Wilson or anyone else still make the Smile Emoji Dampeners? Just curious but looking here at the forum I see a lot of people enjoyed them and I ask myself why did they stop making them (the original smiley dampeners). Thank you for the feedback:)
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    Strings for the "modern game"?

    Reviving the Dead Post. I am also curious about this.
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    Thoughts about the Gamma Rzr 100T

    Hello Sureshs, How would you compare the power and spin between the Aero Pro Drive and the Pure Drive? Does the frame have a rigid feeling due to its RA rating (75 RA)? Is it forgiving off the sweetspot? Thank you
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    Thoughts about the Gamma Rzr 100T

    Hello fellow TT members, Does anyone have feedback about the Gamma Rzr 100T? Seems to be one of the most powerful players frame(i.e within the 100 sq inch range). Thank you for your time.
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    What's the ave time to string on drop weight?

    Hello Lionel, If I may ask how and what did you modify your Gamma X-2? Have any pics to show us here at Talk Tennis? Thank you
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    Most Powerful Modern Player Frames

    Hello Talk Tennis, What in your opinion is the most Powerful Modern Player Frames to date ? Just wanted to satisfy my curiosity. Thank you as always.
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    Most Effective Yet Undiscovered Racket (Pacific BX2 X-Force Pro 16x20)

    Hello topspn, Yes I have hit with ProKennex Heritage Type C Redondo MP and with the Pacific X-Force Pro 16x20 as well (X-Force Pro is my current racket). From my own experience the ProKennex Redondo MP does have great stability and good directional control (probably better slightly in...
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    Babolat Quality Control 2015

    Thank you guys for the responses!