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    Battle of the 18x20 MP's

    LM Radical MP Tour
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    How much difference between 98 vs 100?

    Nah, its about 2 without the sq inches. He asked whats the difference between 98 and 100. Ok just joking. I own a 100 and 98 square inch racquet which are about the same specs. There are some minute differences alright. I don't know if its psychological or physiological. The difference does...
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    Customizing my LM Radical MP (Austrian)...any thoughts?

    I don't know this helps but I have modified my LM Tour as well. I remove the head guard and trim it. Put about 3 grams of weight on 3 and 9 each. Replaced the grip with the lightest grip from babolat. (Forgot its name) It weighs at about 335grams but I hv yet to check its balance and SW. The...
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    Top 10 Tennis-Racquets by Tennis-Warehouse ratings

    I wouldn't go as far to say it is meaningless but at the end of the day it still depends on your style of play and choice of strings.
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    TW University Sneak Peek Video!

    nice! 10 char
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    My 13 yr old brother serve

    Hi guys, I am trying to teach my brother serve and he has managed to pick up the flat serve. However, it is not always consistent and I was thinking of teaching him how to do a top spin serve. I was wondering if 13 years old is a little too young for this serve or otherwise? I have no idea...
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    "MAIN" reason for shanking

    I notice I shank more when it is a windy day. Probably that messes with the ball supposed trajectory.... Or probably it is my poor conditioning
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    friend breaks another friend's racquet strings after 5 min. Should he have to pay?

    Personally, I will not ask for the payment and secretly, I hope the friend will pay haha! (although most likely I will decline)
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    Dubai Tennis

    I am going to Dubai soon but sadly it is after the Dubai Open. Btw, this will be my first time so I was wondering if there are any tennis specialty shops there. Thanks
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    Happy Chinese New Year!!

    Yeah, Happy Chinese New Year to you too! May the year of the Tiger brings you wealth and health =)
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    Don't know what combination of Hybrids is best.

    Hm... I have used red code 17 on a full bed once and it lasted me about 5 months. Great idea on Red Code as mains... Now I need to decide whether sensation or gut as cross
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    Don't know what combination of Hybrids is best.

    A little info on my playing style... I am around 4.0 (I think) and I like to play from baseline... Used to hit very spinny balls but now has lessen the spin and working on hitting flatter.
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    Don't know what combination of Hybrids is best.

    I have a Wilson Kobra Tour and Yonex's RDS 001MP and right now I have some strings in my storage and I want to try a Hybrid. (never tried before) Anyways, the strings are: Red Code 17 Black Code 17 Wilson Sensation 16 and 17 Head Synthetic Gut PPS 17 Any advice on which combination is good...
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    why no tecnifibre?

    I will buy them if they are on sale...