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    What is your favorite beer?

    I always thought Seth was a guys name.
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    Best tennis videogame?

    topspin for original x box is hard to beat... so much fun
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    New way of strining O3's (with pics)

    Cool method, but won't prince just send you a boomerang for free if you call them up? They did for me, but that was a few years ago.
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    Exactly how difficult is it?

    To the original poster. Do you want to go to stanford? Is it your dream school? If so, why? Too many high school kids (I was guilty of the same thing as well as all of my friends) obsess over the name of a school. Now, I am not saying it is unimportant to go to a good school, but go...
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    High School question

    The main thing about choosing a college is choosing one that is right for you. Dont select a college because of its name. What I would do is decide which college you want to go to, if it is Duke or Wake Forest, or Harvard or Yale, or South Dakota State University, choose the one that fits you...
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    Horrible stringing

    I'm assuming you are speaking with the store manager through all of this right?
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    Would Federer Destroy your local 5.0 Pro Using A Wood Racquet?

    i don't have any problems hitting with a wooden racquet and I am 3.0 3.5 at best. Federer would have no trouble at all. Now, blind folded, left handed, and with his feet tied together, maybe. The racquet just doesn't matter that much
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    FS: Prince 03 tour midsize

    still trying to get rid of this thing.... Will anyone do $60 shipped?
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    big hitter, getting older...whats going to happen?

    I can talk to you from the other side of the net, not from your side. I have played plenty of guys 40+ and they had no trouble hitting the ball hard or with a good deal of topspin. I think your movement will go before your strokes, seems to be the case with most of the older guys I play with.
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    Energy Drinks

    5 hour energy... it actually works, the other energy drinks just make me feel like crap
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    This could be the most accurate assessment of Andy Roddick ever posted on this site.
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    What book are you currently reading?

    excellent... one of the best things I read while I was in high school. Powerful stuff.
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    What book are you currently reading?

    I just finished the great dialogues of plato Now im on to Discourse on method and meditations by Descartes. Ah the life of a philosophy major.
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    High School Versus Life After

    High school was fun, you could screw around all day and still make good grades. College is hard work, but it is much better as you feel like you are actually working towards an end rather than sitting in a classroom all day wasting your time. As a current college student I would never want...