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    Will Australian Kids hate Agassi now?

    This comes from the Australian Open website: American Express Aces Charity by Tennis Australia Sunday, 9 January, 2005 Building on its success at Wimbledon 2004, the American Express ACES fundraising...
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    This sux

    This is how I wanted things to turn out at the open, but I want USA to go all the away against in Davis Cup.(cept Fish.)
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    why is it called "love"?

    I read on some website before that whoever had played with zero points had "love" for the game.
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    Joachim Johansson racquet

    I think he likes Philippousis's game so he got the racquet and clothes before.
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    Roddick / Johansson

    Johansson creates insane angles off of a pretty flat forehand. I think it his height.
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    Id rather watch paint dry then watch Roddick play........

    If you don't like how only Roddick plays then don't watch Roddick Pim-Pim. Huge serve then forehand
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    Great 4th rd matchup: Joakim Johansson vs Michael Llodra

    The only time I've seen Pim-Pim was when he lost to Schuttler in the Halle website and in a little clip they showed on CBS on Sunday. It looked like he improved over that 3-month span or I just haven't seen enough of his game. That little clip that CBS showed was amazing though. Blasting a serve...
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    Prince of Tennis

    Still waiting for someone to put a "How to hit a bounceless lob?" topic in the Tips and Instruction thread.... I was taking the show seriously until I saw that in the first episode.
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    Olivier Rochus: Holler out to the little guy!

    He gets his power from his tremendous grunt. Power to the short!!! (I'm about 5'4" still growing hopefully)
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    Anyone know what they're drinking out there ??

    It looks like an evian bottle and cap, so they probably just put an energy mix in it.
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    Roddick-Nadal? NO! GOLOVIN-WILLIAMS!

    Anyone watch Late Night at the U.S. Open where yesterday it showed Golovin on standing on some nightclub table, dancing at night?
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    Any updates on Guillermo Coria?

    hes waiting for a big clay tournament