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    1936 wembley

    Very interested!
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    Jaros Drobny: the forgotten legend

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    Laver and Rosewall's full matches list, pre-open era (until 1968)

    You should check Tennisarchives: 1955 | 1955-12-10 Victorian Championships Round 2 Yates, J. David (Dave) d. Laver, Rodney George (Rod) (7-5 6-2 6-1) 1956 | 0000-00-00 South Australian b Round 1 Davies, Michael Grenfell (Mike) d. Laver, Rodney George (Rod) (6-2 6-2 6-4) 1956 |...
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    Christian Kuhnke and Abe Segal Christian Kuhnke Abe Segal grtz Alex
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    News from Tennisarchives

    A milestone was reached today at The 30.000th player was added to the database. Thanks all for helping and checking the site. And thanks to this Forum for being a great source and inspiration. Alex Tennisarchives
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    The Doherty Brothers Clay Court Singles Victories (1896-1909)

    Are you absolutely sure Mark. I have from LTB 3/5/1899 1899-03-13 - 1899-03-20 Type: Amateur Men's singles Surface: Clay Place/court: Nice, Place Mozart South of France Championships Main index Source: Lawn tennis, 3/5/1899 Players list Blacker Douglas, Saint John Stewart (IRL)...
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    Heinrich "Henner" Henkel (1909-1943), By Jutta Deiss

    Great to see this article Mark! A relief to see that not all posts here concern the pointless/useless GOAT discussions. There so much to be told still about the history of tennis! Alex Tennisarchives
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    clay tournament comparison

    Thanks for the compliment
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    clay tournament comparison

    Maybe take a look at
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    Sources for pre-1968 Amateur brackets/results?

    Well of course its not complete, but with about 400 tournaments from 1968 alone its by far the best resource in my opinion. And we are still working on it everyday! Alex Tennisarchives
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    Sources for pre-1968 Amateur brackets/results?
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    Thanks historians

    I will Mark, With some help those results will be up as soon as possible
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    Thanks historians

    It is always a pleasure to read great contributions about the history of tennis here. People like Newmark and many others make coming here worth while. Now and then a little much emphasis on who is the goat-discussions. Me I couldnt care less as there are so many great players and events to...
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    McCauley errata and addenda

    Or help to grow...
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    Tennisarchives adds the 25.000th player in the database!

    Thanks Mark! I surely hope you're not the only person here that takes an interest in my site. Alex Tennisarchives