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  • last year you posted a spreadsheet on pros pro string and what they feel like. can you email it to me as I can't see it. I have just bought a stringer and researching what strings to buy. andrewgreenhalgh@hotmail.com

    Andy G.
    I saw your post on the ineffectiveness of the custom flare-it. Sorry it didn't work out, it looked good! Were you able to find a real flare it grommet wizard tool? I've looked everywhere and can't find one that's not sold out/out of stock.
    Never found one. Gave up.
    If I'm careful when tying my knots, I can flare the grommet that way.
    Oh. Maybe I should've read this message before replying in the thread. Give me your address and I'll figure out how to ship you a tip.

    Hey would like to buy one of your dowel tips, I live in europe so it's wiser to get it from someone who can post it cheaply... Let me know!
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