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    lol USA today wrote about my letter to Federer

    To op. Please, travel over the countries. Please, have talk with people. Please, be okay and normal. for your sake.
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    Any current 6.1 95 users compare their stick to the RF97?

    Please share your experience. I'd like to hear any opinion.
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    Is this the most interesting rankings list ever?

    These guys are mentally strong enough to keep working.
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    Nishikori - Cilic Final! (Would destroy the internet)

    Cilic has skill but boring. I want to see kei's win too. His style if playing is exciting.
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    Federer's shot selection is bafflingly stupid

    He can hit whatever he wants to hit. He got frustrated in first two sets. He tried everything to change up. He end up winning in 5sets. Boom. End of story.
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    Word Game

    U are damn right! She's so hoT!
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    Favorite Match of the 2014 US Open so far

    Tommy robredo vs wawrinka. I Liked one handers. Watched in stadium..
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    2014 USO Semifinal: [2] R. Federer vs [14] M. Cilic

    Good point. Cilic can win a set if federer start slow like yesterday.
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    Novak Djokovic [1] vs Kei Nishikori [10]: USO 2014 semifinals

    I remember nishikori beat Novak in basel semi and lost to federer in final. I predict the same scenario.
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    String like gut but less power/more spin??

    Simply true.
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    Best camcorder for recording tennis? Help!!

    Please share your experiences. I've been looking for best camcorder for recording tennis matches. I want to see large view of opponent's court. Something like this. ( I didn't upload ATP match example pic cuz I won't buy high end pro camera like $7000. They also have much higher shooting point...
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    rogers new frame update,

    [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG]