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    Most Influential:Agassi or Fed?

    This cannot be serious. Agassi influenced an entire generation of baseline play , returns , and most of all , clothing. Had you gone to any youth tennis center/tournament in the early/mid/late 90s and asked kids who their favorite player is almost everyone would have said Andre , not even a...
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    Greatest baseliner of all time?

    Djoker. Totally scary consistency and very underrated shotmaking and offense. Agassi is my all time favorite though and its hard not to vote for him.
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    Federer needs 2 face the fax

    Fax machines are old. Antiquated relics of a bygone era where they ruled in the absense of any other quality communication means. As soon as a few other options appeared on the scene faxes quickly retreated to their natural subservient and deferent state of a second tier communication...
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    Do you care for or look forward to the Davis Cup?

    No , dont care. Never really captured my attention and seems like an exhibition afterthought, even in the 90s with Courier and Todd Martin and the boys . I like America as much as the next guy but there is a 0 % chance I'd play Davis Cup if I were a pro.
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    Post 30: Federer vs Agassi

    Agassi , not even close.
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    Stepanek: 'I am done dating tennis players'

    Kyrgios and Genie are gonna beat the odds. Next power couple , the future faces of the game.
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    If Djokovic ....

    He will have the head to head . So he will be greater.
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    one of the biggest scandal in tennis?

    Deceptive thread title. Naturally I assumed this was about the ATP covering up Fed's PED abuse so that he can still be somewhat relevant.
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    Murray continues to impress off the court

    Great stuff from Andy , between this and the strawmurrays campaign he is having a great off court season
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    Remember when tennis players used to be cool?

    Kyrgios Monfils and Nadal are cool. Raonic has cool hair. Isner is kind of cool in a goofy way as is Murray.
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    Djokovic was a mental monster this US Open

    Unbelievable mental toughness with the pro Fed crowd and all the Roger storylines and hype. Djoker is approaching a Kobe Bryant / Floyd Mayweather level of supreme mental focus and coolness in the face of hostile crowds.
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    Roger Federer Always Has Home-Court Advantage

    The 23 was just a shorthand reference to 23-10. 23 majors and Feds comeback record is very impressive, I was just trying to take some shots at him because I dont like him .;)
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    This Is 34: Roger Federer Will Not Go Away, Thankfully

    I liked the article on kyrgios and bouchard they posted a few days ago.
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    Roger Federer Always Has Home-Court Advantage

    More proof that he is a front runner with no warrior spirit. Folds up and breaks down internally unless he is being coddled and adored by the fans, media and announcers. Real champions can throw daggers to silence roaring vicious crowds at away stadiums like Kobe. The fact that Fred has...
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    Why do you like your favorite player?

    I like Monfils' crazy trick shots and flashiness and athleticism.