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    The Road To Super Bowl LIII (Feb. 3, 2019): The Best Or Nothing Under The Mercedes Dome

    You should have watched the conference finals instead.
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    Murray To Retire At Wimbledon

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    2019 Grand Slam winners predictions

    AO: Zverev RG: Thiem Wim: Djokovic USO: Thiem
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    2018 Basel Final: [1] Federer vs Copil

    There we go. 99th. Btw, I haven’t watched Fed since USO, aside from poor service he seemed much more passive than usual, anything wrong with him?
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    The most famous celebrity named Roger?

    "Roger Federer": 26,700,000 results "Roger Waters": 20,500,000 results "Roger Moore": 4,520,000 results "roger that": 1,820,000 results "Roger Rasheed": 22,100 results
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    Wimbledon introduces Tiebreaks in the Fifth

    I'd be happy if the other slams did the same (tiebreak at 12-12 in the 5th).
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    New forum - Thoughts?

    It's much better at 90% zoom (press CTRL key and scroll down once).
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    Anyone who knows a way to watch full Laver Cup?

    Doesn't Amazon Prime offer 50% off to new subscribers in Europe for the first 6 months, like it does in other regions? If yes, that's a pretty good deal considering all the content you get and the ability to cancel anytime.
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    Serena's outburst led to "segregation" in Australia...

    Hehehe I wonder what kind of treatment Fognini would receive from you.
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    2019 GS predictions

    Nole, Thiem, Murray, Shapovalov
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    Did Novak waste chance at GOAT?

    Did Fed waste a chance at undisputed GOAT?