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    Haas T-shirt

    They look so cool
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    The Average Private Lesson with USPTA Pro

    With out knowing an opponent and having never played, i wont predict anything.
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    Andre Agassi- Treasure What is Left

    Agassi is a Tennis legend. That sums it all. Watching a legend play is a great treasure.
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    Woods vs Federer & Tennis vs Golf

    It is true that a 74 yr old man can play Golf. What really matters is what is the objective of the game. Golf is different from Tennis. The games differ in what players should do to win it. If you are talking sports as in Athletic ability, you do have a point. But then we have to take...
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    Where can ş fşnd some singles strategies?

    what level do you play?. that will help a lot. usually if you have good strokes you should be winning lots of matches at a comparable level.
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    You know your a tennis junkie when....

    14. You surf the web for sports news and you go directly to tennis page. Thats the only point i can relate myself to....<sob sob>
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    both a left-handed and right-handed forehand

    Is there any rule which says you have to serve with the same hand through out the game?
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    Henin is the greatest now !

    Its not Justine's fault when Kim \Sharapova are injured. SImilarly its not other player's faults when Justine is injured. Injuries are part and parcel of pro tennis (or any Active sports for that matter) and people should learn to play by working around them or keeping themselves Fit.
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    Can someone remind Nalbandian next time about Rules

    Apparently he forgot the rules of tennis game. After all match can be finished in 3 sets. I dunno why he thinks he has to do 4-5 sets all the time. With out taking anything away from Marcos, Todays match with Marcos was Nalbandian's to looose and he did.
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    Kobe scores 81 points

    with out a doubt... even a Kid can do it. Just lower the basket. And send all other players home and increase the RIm size. ...any1 can do it. Real basket ball game...real pro's.... over 48 minutes with little rest....Sure everyone can do it. Thats why we have 4 players score over 70 in the...
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    Just ordered my wonder wedge

    I have never seen roddick hit a Backhand Winner. Is it me or Roddick doesnt have that habit?
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    Just ordered my wonder wedge

    If you dont have 15-20 bucks right now, Just do a search on this forum on WonderWedge and a guy used electrical tape to simulate WW. you will appreciate the WW concept. The material quality is like day and night but yiu will see how you can improve your game (again not knowing at what level you...
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    tennis shoes

    Diadora has some great shoes. They r very comfortable. I am not a huge fan of Tennis special shoes. I prefer cross court trainers any given day but i do own 2 pairs of tennis shoes Diadoara and ATP raptor.
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    I have lost all respect for Kiefer *spoilers*

    Yea right. USO has its fair share of lets not go there. Anywayz I dont agree with what Keifer did but then its umpires job to figure it out. They are there for that sole reason.
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    Kobe scores 81 points

    I am a laker fan and a Kobe fan. This game of Kobe is breath taking. As far as i know, there is no other Clutch shooter in the league like Kobe (Robert Horry is a big MOMEMT player too but not in same league). When game is on the line, We all know ball goes to Kobe and he will make the shot 7...