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    Djokovic is tired

    ATP mafia will try to disqualify him by using coronavirus at RG this time. Probably ATP mafia will fake tests from his couch and then they will kick Novak out of RG.
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    Djokovic disqualified from the US Open for hitting a lines woman in the throat.

    That is another "intervention" from the heaven or from the under world (pick your side) together with COVID-19 to keep Roger Federer as the leader in number of GS titles. This is totally bad decision by the judges for the unfortunate and unintentional hit of lines person by Novak. Idiotic...
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    Djokovic movement/speed/flexibility...

    Someone mentions Nadal here. Well, Nadal declined so much in terms of speed yet again he won RG and USO in 2019. Is this normal? Declined Nadal winning in wheelchair is abnormal.
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    IF 2019 Djokovic v Nadal ends 19 slams each, 35 masters each, who is greater or are they dead even?

    If Novak gets these two slams, and eventually surpasses Fed's 20 by the end of his career, he will set tennis records never to be reached by any other tennis player ever again not in a million years. He will be GOAT until the end of time.
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    New or old master of the masters?

    Novak is the best
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    Fed’s ranking upon return?

    Why return?
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    Interview with ATP Chairman on current situation

    There will not be FO this year and no tennis unfortunately. It will take months for the situation in France to cool down. The epidemic just started there and it seems the France is about to become one of the European worst hit epicentres.
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    Sky Sports Article: Roger Federer and Serena Williams: Does Wimbledon cancellation have knock-on effect for legends?

    Federer is the luckiest tennis player ever if he keeps his records due to global pandemic. What is the point in discussing or even mentioning GOAT race any more ever again? It is equivalent to someone murdering Nadal and Novak to stop them reach the record.
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    If no majors are played in 2020 it will crush Novak’s chances of catching Fed

    Everyone will always remember that Federer had the most GS titles due to his incredible luck in the end caused by coronavirus. That being said and mentioned in every context of GS discussion will completely make this whole race void. But honestly who care now when millions of people are under...
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    If only one more major is to be played in 2020, which one would you like that to be ?

    Probably Olympics... because other tournaments will be played next year anyhow...
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    Will the entire tennis season be cancelled ?

    Probably RG will be cancelled. It's hard to tell for WB but it's close. If that happens, I see Olympic Games cancelled too and that is really bad. It's almost like a World War happening. And can you imagine every year there will be some similar flu-like virus that will again cause disruption. Oh...
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    Federer fans: Is another comeback wise?

    He should try to recover and continue playing like a man while his records fall one by one. He is a man. Being killed by Nadal and Novak while on his feet will immortalise him. St. Roger Martyr of Basel.
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    Ballkids handling towels with gloves and boxes due to Coronavirus

    Why would they need their freaking towels at all? In other sports when it's a half time they do what they do. They don't take towels on the court in football or any other sport. Let them sweat, they get millions after the matches. Ban towels in tennis for good.
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    Who will win Indian Wells?

    If not for weeks at no.1 record, Novak should ease on these tournaments and stay healthy for WB. Guess next year he could do that.