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    Ivanisevic vs Cilic

    OK. Which major might he have won had he not been "injured"? Which seasons were subpar because of injuries? Shoulder injuries you say? That would affect his serve, wouldn't it? Were there any seasons during which his ace count was significantly down? It's easy to say that injuries affected...
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    Ivanisevic vs Cilic

    Ivanisevic missed a grand total of one Major between the beginning of 1989 and the end of 1998, so he does not, by any stretch of the imagination, belong on a list of players who underachieved because of injuries. He had no significantly shortened seasons prior to 2001. Whatever he did achieve...
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    It’s a really tough feat to 3-peat

    In Masters events, Nadal has a shot at a three-peat in Canada this year, which would be impressive as it's not on clay
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    TT - Does this one slam wonders deserve to be introduced in Tennis HOF?

    What's Ivanisevic's Hall of Fame status? Is he in? If not, has he at least been nominated? If he is in, with only one Major and two Masters titles, the bar has been set quite low, unless his leading role in getting the Wimbledon people to change the grass is considered worthy of recognition...
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    Leo Borg to debut in ATP Challenger Tour

    The way things are going (with the Big Three), he may get a chance if he hangs in there for 10 or 15 years.
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    The renaissance of Gael Monfils?

    Monfils's #10 ranking at the end of last season was somewhat misleading, as it was fashioned in large part because draws worked out well for him--He faced only three Top 10 players all year, a very low number of such encounters for a full season. He finished 1-2 against them. So far this year...
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    Sampras is greater on grass than nadal is on clay. Opposition proves it.

    I think the poster meant that Thiem and Soderling were stronger on clay than Agassi was on grass. Here are some predictions of majors outcomes had neither Sampras nor Nadal won their Wimbledons (Sampras) nor Frenchs (Nadal) and the remainder of each tournament played out more or less as they...
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    Sampras is greater on grass than nadal is on clay. Opposition proves it.

    Federer and Djokovic alone provided far more strong opposition on clay for Nadal than any combination of grass courters did against Sampras. Here's some data to show just how formidable these two were: 1. Djokovic has won no fewer than NINE clay Masters. He beat Nadal in five of those, as well...
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    Prime Sampras got destroyed by Krajicek at Wimbledon yet beats Federer?

    I would say that players like Pat Cash, Tim Henman and Tim Mayotte more closely fit the definition of grass court specialists, though Cash and even Henman did have some success on hardcourts. Do you see the difference between them and Ivanisevic? For the record, I'm not claiming that Roddick is...
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    Prime Sampras got destroyed by Krajicek at Wimbledon yet beats Federer?

    Here's why I "love to dismiss" Ivanisevic: I. He won Wimbledon 01 and just two Masters, both indoors and well-suited to assisting a big server. Roddick won five Masters. 2. At the US, he advanced past the 3rd round just three times in 13 tries, two 4ths and one SF. Not very impressive, but...
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    i will say this : today 's RG contender depth is worst in open era tennis history

    If there is actually a smaller number of clay court "specialists" (meaning players who achieve their best results, by far, on clay), the best reason may be that there are fewer clay court tournaments on the calendar than there once were. I don't have the figures at the moment, but the decline...
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    Federer Fans - What would you most like to see him do before his career is over?

    1. Win either of the US or the Olympics, although either achievement is almost certainly out of reach. 2. Leave the tour before becoming a journeyman, unlike Jimmy Connors who hung around a few years too many. His fans don't need to see him getting his butt regularly kicked by players who would...
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    The most sudden decline ever?

    I'm not certain of this, but I believe marital problems became a big distraction, resulting in him skipping Wimbledons 86 and 87, among other things.
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    The most sudden decline ever?

    Chang should be mentioned, even though he's not the top example. In 1996, he was world #2. In 1997, #3. In 98, #29. After 1997, he never again passed the 3rd round of a major (and he reached the 3rd only twice in 21 tries). I'm not aware of any injury issues that may have caused his...