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    Tennis Warehouse-Mid Atlantic Chapter

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    Nike Cage 3

    Got my replacements and also ended up purchasing 54" laces as the ones that came with the shoe were too short to double knot. Wife's shoes were fine.
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    Normal for winner to get fresh can of balls from loser?

    Some play-at-your-own-pace ladders and tournaments set this as a rule. I've never seen it in a friendly match or pickup game.
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    New forum for Junior League, Tournament, Instruction, Gear...etc?

    I guess I'll stick with Parenting Aces
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    Neon Nike hat worn by Shapovalov, Popyrin and others the last few weeks

    Looks like an Atomic Green Nike Featherlight 2.0 hat without the black border. I've only come across a few Featherlight hats with matching color borders that were not PEs.
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    Stringing a Junior racket tension question

    The first and only time I strung a kid's 25" aluminum racquet was for a customer who bought it at Goodwill. I strung it at 45lb and it felt a little too tight for him. I would recomment to go down to 35 or 40.
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    New forum for Junior League, Tournament, Instruction, Gear...etc?

    Good morning TW. Would it be possible to created a new forum for those of us who would like to share and learn information about Junior tennis? Thank you.
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    Former College Players ranking themselves at 3.5

    Maybe it's the ex-college player's goal to be the #1 Ranked 3.5
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    Prior Military, get over here!

    I'm looking to start a free weekly Military appreciation tennis clinic in College Park, Maryland on the weekends. Open to all Active Duty, Veterans, and family members. PM me if you're interested in attending or getting involved.
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    Lucky me! Nice find.....

    Edit: looks like this thread was merged.
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    Nike Cage 3

    My wife and I just received our Cage 3s yesterday. Too snug for our usual sizes! We will be returning them for at least a half size bigger. She is moving on from her (last pair of worn out) Breathe Free IIs and I am replacing my Vapor Xs.
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    zoom zero?

    My mistake. Thanks for the info. He was wearing his USO ZZs when he was hitting. I didn't notice what he wore off court.
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    zoom zero?

    If anyone has a chance to link photos to this thread, Tiafoe was wearing a Tech Challenge (hot lava) version during an interview with ThanksUSA. I don't have access to Facebook. If anyone can log into Facebook, and do a search for ThanksUSA's page, you'll see Tiafoe's shoes. Feel free to link...