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    Match Stats/Report - Djokovic vs Murray, Madrid final, 2016

    Waspsting on a roll with the match reports :eek:
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    Roger Federer reflects on Novak Djokovic's 'exceptional year'

    That's because the pressure mounts the closer you get to a CYGS. Facing Nadal at RG last would make it even less probable he actually gets it, though it's obviously not happening either way. You need to be so ahead of the field nothing can potentially go wrong. Heck, 2007 Fed and 2015 Djoker...
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    Bittersweetovic 2021

    It's all relative to expectations. If this was like 2016 Djoker, where he lost steam in the 2nd part of the season and ultimately lost USO, YEC and YE#1, it would have been disappointing. But a 34 years old Djoker? Hell yeah this was an amazing season.
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    Bittersweetovic 2021

    Someone is still salty. Love it when I see it :D
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    djokovic berdych hardcourt h2h

    I always considered Stan a fairly slow lateral mover, especially for his height. Not sure how much better he is compared to Berdych (a bit yes, a lot, probably not). I think his fairly deep, lifeless slice when stretched is a very effective way to reset a rally against Djokovic. Obviously, his...
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    In the final analysis, Federer actually came closer to the CYGS (TWICE)

    It's possible Federer actually felt the RG final was the defacto CYGS match, which could explain why he seemed so nervous after the 1st set of the 2006 final.
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    Djokovic News

    It would feel like garbage if Novak were to lose YE#1. I would only blame the stupid pacing post-Wimbledon. Played Olympics, then entered USO rusty as a result of underplaying because he skipped Cinci. Had no rhythm at the USO as a result and we all know how much he struggled the whole two weeks.
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    Still the GOAT match ;)

    Because GOAT matches only happen if Fed is mono-ridden or past it. Else it's usually a no contest :p
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    AO12 Berdych - Which Next-gen could beat this version?

    Next Gen would take Slams away from aged big 3 if they played like peak Del Po, Roddick, Hewitt, Berdych, Stan, Murray or Tsonga. They never took Slams away, except for Med beating zombie Novak, therefore they never played at that level.
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    How do you think Djokovic would match-up against young Nadal on clay?

    Almost exactly what I was thinking actually. I personally think 2011 Djokovic has a chance against 2005 Nadal or 2013 Djokovic against 2006 Nadal at RG. Obviously, gotta give Nadal the benefit of doubt, so I will keep this as a "just me" opinion.
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    How do you think Djokovic would match-up against young Nadal on clay?

    Nadal was 21 during Hamburg 2008. :p Plus 2007 Djoker was 2 levels below prime on clay, so it's irrelevant.
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    How do you think Djokovic would match-up against young Nadal on clay?

    Watching Nadal and Djokovic play on HC earlier in Novak's career (2007-2009), I always felt Djokovic is rather comfortable in the match-up and Nadal is the one that has to come up with the goods to beat his opponent. However, Djokovic was totally underdeveloped on clay in 2006 and 2007 to a...
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    Federers backhand vs Rafa

    Nadal hit with more depth back then. He kind of forced you to hit a BH if he wanted to because of his directional control, as well as the depth of shot on clay.
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    Federers backhand vs Rafa

    Yeah. Why would anyone pretend that switching up DTL is an easy task when faced with Nadal's FH on clay? Not only that lining up a BH DTL with a 1 hander is hard enough, but doing it against peak Nadal on clay is even harder and not even that rewarding because of the court conditions. It's...