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    Who played with the pro kennex Ki 5 PSE?

    I have had an off and on again love affair with this racquet. I’ve owned about 5 of these at one point, now have 3, but I stray at times for these reasons, and I’d be curious to know if you have experienced the same. The two main issues are: 1) and this could be a positive, but it’s so muted...
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    Power V Grip / Wonder Wedge

    I am in the same boat as you, and am trying to find the Power V grip. Any luck?
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    Power V grip: anybody use it

    Anyone know where to buy a Power V grip now? Haven't heard or seen anything from Ed, and can't find anything online. The website is now defunct and I'm in need of a bunch of Power V grips.
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    New Angell TC97!

    Mine were the 16x19, both the 95 ad 97. Felt like a 70 + stiffness index and almost all in the throat. And to clarify, yes, not at all disappointed with the cost of the Angell's vs other sticks, just upset that I have two that I don't really want to play with. I put silicone in the handle of a...
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    New Angell TC97!

    Hey Guys, could use some help and feedback. I ordered to TC97s without any demo-ing (don't even know if thats available now). I have owned two, TC95s before and liked them, but was hoping for a bit bigger head and box beam. Upon receiving mine, the first feel is that they are unusually stiff...
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    Wanted: Vantage Bastcore BC30

    I have one in a 4 3/8 grip. 9/10, been strung 5 times maybe.
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    PowerAngle Information

    Chris, Thanks so much for your quick response. I'm going to give it one more hit tonight and make sure the same thing is happening, and if so, I'll return. Again, thanks so much for the info and great customer service!
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    PowerAngle Information

    Chris and Crocodile, I'm happy to give you some feedback, and maybe from it, Chris you can help me determine if mine is defective or whether your team experienced some of the same things. Mine came in the mail, and after stringing with Tour Bite 18 on my Star 5 at 52 lbs, it surprisingly...
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    Best overgrip for sweaty hand other than tourna?

    Recently, I've really enjoyed the Solinco Heaven Grip. Like Tourna on steroids. And this is in the Mississippi River delta humidity.
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    Swing Speed Radar, ball velocity?

    LeeD, If one were to use this tool as a factor for determining optimal racquet performance, do you think it would need to be cross-referenced to an actual shot speed as well. Meaning, 50mph swing speed with racquet x produces y mph ball speed? Think that could be useful as a tennis...
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    Swing Speed Radar, ball velocity?

    Hey Guys, Curious to see or hear what you think about this. I read something recently about a Swing Speed radar that's out on the market. They market this by saying you can easily equate ball velocity based on the swing speed of the racquet. I have always thought that tennis is still in...
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    Used High End Stringing Machines

    Im not sure if my earlier reply has gone through, but Id like to make you an offer on your Star 5. contact me at thanks!
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    Used High End Stringing Machines

    Bab Star 5 offer TennisDude, I posted earlier looking for a Bab Star 5. Contact me at and I'll make you an offer. Thanks, InsideOut Tennis
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    Used Babolat Star 5 or Sensor Stringer

    Hey everyone, Looking for a used Babolat Star 5, or Sensor stringer. If you have one you'd like to sell, please email me at Thanks, InsideOut
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    Vantage Bast Core

    string set up plus lead setup I am a new BC20 user - I recently used natural gut 17 in the mains at 63, and Tourna Big Hitter Rough 17 in the crosses at 60 - strong! That's a little tighter than what I would normally go with, but considering I added 1.2 ounces in lead to the frame, I thought...